Aimee Mann – Lost in Space

Aimee MannLost in Space (SuperEgo Records)

The great thing about independent releases from dedicated, obsessive artists is the attention to detail. From the fantastic comic book artwork to the seamless production, Lost in Space is a pleasure for Aimee Mann fans used to being treated right.

Mann has attained that most difficult of musical attributes: she’s established a sound that is immediately identifiable as her own without rehashing melodies or themes to the point of self-parody. Like the simplicity, sadness and depth that made a George Harrison solo undeniably his, Mann has touched upon a musical style that conjures up her name upon first listen.

Subtle keyboard and slide guitar touches fill out the sound that dances around Mann’s never ending melodies. Fans of Bachelor #2 and the Magnolia Soundtrack will find plenty to explore in Lost in Space. Mann may not necessarily be breaking new musical ground on this album but she’s perfecting a sound that is damn near impossible to forget and that is worth getting lost for.

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  1. This album would get played at least once a day at the record store I worked at. And I worked with some fucking music snobs. Very enjoyable from start to finish.

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