Emo Game: I’m All Smart Like That

A Glorious Noise interview with the creator of the Emo Game.

By Derek Phillips

Sure, they got a rep for nerd glasses, perfectly messed hair and being sensitive and in touch with their feelings, but Emo kids have a darker side. Graphic designer, Jason Oda, created the Emo Game for those twisted bastards to live out their more violent tendencies and save their Emo heroes. Why? Because he hates Steven Tyler, of course. Glorious Noise caught up with Oda to discuss the Emo Game, crying, and selling out.

GLONO: What’s your background? Where do you live, what do you do, etc. Just generally, we’re not cops or stalkers—or lawyers!

Oda: I currently live in Boston. I came here because I thought it was the place to be if you’re twenty something and living in New England, especially after going to school in Providence, Rhode Island. But I am finding out now that Boston is just a really expensive place that you go to in hopes of meeting new exciting people that you never do and so instead you sit inside in front of your computer and make stupid video games about Emo and remember how cool college was when you know it really was only kinda cool and you were pretty sick of it all anyway. But then you remember how you have to take a job you don’t really like now instead of farting around and drinking beer all day. You pay the bills and then so you’re driving to work and you see Steven Tyler with a fucking milk mustache on a 90 ft. tall billboard overlooking every other street corner and you just say, “someone fucking kill me.”

GLONO: How’d you come up with the game?

Oda: Oh yeah, well I was driving in my car to work. And since I don’t care about my job that much and it’s really easy (oh yeah, I’m a graphic designer and I sort of work for the government but that’s all I can say about that), I always stay up real late and drink and work on projects and just have fun. So, I’m really tired when I get up in the morning and I have to drive down Harvard Avenue, which is like the shittiest place in Boston to be if you want to go to work in the morning and it takes forever and they had two of those god damn got milk ads with Steven Tyler on them and this bus pulls up next to me and the got milk is on one of those side of the bus ads and it was just really hot and sweaty that morning and I was just like, that does it, I’m devoting the next three months of my life to finding someway to get thousands of people to hate Steven Tyler and eventually skull fuck him.

GLONO: Have you always hated Steven Tyler?

Oda: Well, actually I hated Steven Tyler for a long time before that, but that was pretty much the moment that I vividly remember wanting to start the game up.

GLONO: So your hatred of Steven Tyler inspired you to create a game where Emo heroes take to the streets?

Oda: It went something like that though I don’t remember the moment that clearly at all because I was really tired from staying up too late, and all those summer days really just blur into a haze, you know how it is, that’s why summer is so magical. Actually that isn’t the first time I thought of the game at all, it might have actually been the first time I heard the song by Aerosmith called “Pink” on the radio…but that’s a whole ‘nother story for some other time and I don’t really listen to the radio anyways except for Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, but they don’t play Aerosmith. Anyways…

GLONO: Are you an Emo kid?

Oda: Well yes and no. I listen to Emo, and cry very often, but I don’t have pins on my bag and it’s more like a backpack than a shoulder bag.

GLONO: A shoulder bag?

Oda: But I dropped it in the river when I was waiting for the bus one day, and when I went to get it in the river I saw this shiny thing right next to it, and when I picked it up I totally freaked out because it was an Elliott CD! But then I realized it was my Elliott CD that fell out my bag, but it was still pretty cool because I couldn’t find that thing for a while and now I knew where it was. So, I guess that means I am an Emo kid, ya know?

GLONO: How’s the response been from Emo kids? Any contact you? Any funny email or calls?

Oda: A couple girls want to marry me but I think they’re probably only 14 and 15 and that’s why they like me. If you’re old and kinda ugly you can still totally get a really hot girl if she’s younger than you.

GLONO: Tell me about it.

Oda: My last girlfriend was 20 and I’m like 23, and she was hella blazin!

GLONO: Awww yeah!

Oda: We’re still like best friends. She didn’t like the game at all though, but I can still make her jealous by pretending I’m going out on dates with the 14 and 15 year olds.

GLONO: Dude, why pretend?

Oda: Actually she just thinks that’s really creepy and gross, she doesn’t get jealous. And then she believes me and I have to spend the next hour convincing her I’m not a child molester. Whatever. Oh yeah, but I get like at least 20 emails a day about the game. Most of them just say, “you rock out with our cock out” or something. I don’t usually write back because I don’t like to ramble on for long periods of time about nothing. It’s totally just a waste of energy, ya know? I’ve got really important things to do.

GLONO: Obviously… What kind of hits are you getting? How much bandwidth you going through?

Oda: I get tons of hits, well tons measures weight, more like um…well, just lots of hits. But I don’t pay attention to hits because hits are bullshit. Like, I always see these guys and they’re like, “My site rules! I get, like, a billion hits per month, man. I’m so cool and awesome…” and I’m like, “Look stupid dude, hits don’t mean shit, its all about the visits, hits are a fraud, man, and so are you!” So I get like 2,000,000 hits per month, seriously. My site rules. So my bandwidth is naturally like super fucking overloaded, especially since the game is like 3.2 megs, but I streamed the 3.2 so you hardly even notice the wait, even on a 56k. I’m all smart like that, I’m all about streaming my stuff.

GLONO: Damn, that is smart.

Oda: No, but seriously, I get about 5,000 visits a day, which so far is probably like 170,000 visits, but not unique visits. A lot of people play the game or go to the site more than once, ya know. Some people play it like a ton of times.

GLONO: You’ve had to switch servers. How many have you been on and are you surprised by the interest?

Oda: Yeah, I had to switch servers once because I was off this piece of shit hosting company and it’s only like 8 bucks a month but they’re total asses and you can’t call them if you have a question and if you email them it takes them like four days. So one time I sent the same email to like 50 different people so I could get the fastest response. And like, a week later I got all the emails back, each from a different person, and basically if I asked them what color is the sky about 9 would say yellow, four would say green, 26 would say orange, 4 would say blue, 6 would say “Well, today it’s white because it’s cloudy but tomorrow it could be blue or gray or even purple if the sun’s setting but only in cities not towns because cities have pollution which makes the sky purple instead of orange when the sun’s setting so your answer is call the domain name registrar because we don’t know” and then like three more people would just be like “can you hold on I’m masturbating in my shit and I can’t type now.” So that makes fifty. So they suck and as we speak my new hosting company has booted the site for bandwidth violations without warning me at all even after 3 operators promised there was no way it could get booted. I made them promise over the phone and they broke it, they’re promise breakers.

GLONO: How’d word get out? Just word of mouth or have you posted some ads or dropped some lines on particularly busy bulletin boards?

Oda: Um, I just put the thing up and for the first week I got about 11 visits cuz no one knew about it and thought to type into Google “emo video game” but then I wrote about 11 record labels and like 2 zines and put up one thing on the Saddle Creek message board and the next day I got about 3,000 visits and about 200 emails. Hotmail was pissed because that’s what I use because I know at any given moment some cock-faced hosting company is going to boot my site and erase all my emails. It’s been all word of mouth and traffic has been increasing.

GLONO: Any other games in the future? How about an alt.country game or a grudge match fighting game pitting feuding stars? Maybe Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams?

Oda: Jeff Tweedy? Yo, I don’t know about him but I knew this guy named Jeff in high school and he was a little fuck! He all sat at the popular kids’ table but he never spoke a word. But one time in French class he threw up on me because some girl made some nasty-ass rotten-egged crepes and I told him what I thought of him. He didn’t say anything back. Oh yeah, the sequel…right, well there will be one, it’s going to be called “Emo is a dirty word”…seriously.

GLONO: Did you see the game was mentioned in this month’s Rolling Stone interview with Bright Eyes?

Oda: Yeah man, I never thought anyone anywhere would like my game. I thought I’d get maybe a couple hundred visits a month and a lot of hate mail telling me how close-minded and gay I was. So when I heard that the people in the game actually had played it I was totally embarrassed because like Tim and Conor do such fucking great stuff and it’s serious and real and even though I’ve been painting and doing fine art and being really fucking serious about it, they had to find out about me through my stupid video game about them.

GLONO: I can totally relate.

Oda: I’m not funny at all in real life. I’m really insecure and when people ask me questions I fuck up and don’t know what to say, especially now because people I meet through the Emo Game here and there expect funny shit to come out of my mouth and I’m totally not funny. Maybe I’m funny sometimes when I’m in the mood like now or when I’m drunk and all but really I’m usually grumpy or depressed.

GLONO: Have you heard from any of the real people who inspired the game’s characters?

Emo GameOda: Well, I heard from a few random people, like Atom [from Atom and his Package]; Casey [Scott] from Desaparecidos and Bright Eyes; Chad [Gilbert] from a New Found Glory; [MTV VJ] Gideon Yago, who is not in the game; Further Seems Forever, who I’m doing a website for now; and someone who claims to be Dr. Mindbender, but I don’t believe him unless he’s crazy or something and thinks he really is Dr. Mindbender. Come to think of it, that could have been his last name and he could have been a doctor, but nowadays you can get your doctorate for anything, like I could get my doctorate in washing machine repair and be like “Yeah, I’m a doctor.” I mostly just hear second hand what people in the game have said about it.

GLONO: Any negative feedback from any of them?

Oda: FSF said Chris probably wouldn’t like the game. Casey from Desaparecidos said Chris Simpson played it and had no comment, which totally bummed me out because he is the fucking greatest ever and I gave the new Gloria Record album a pretty bad review so he saw it and hates me, and Tim liked it though he didn’t appreciate his song playing during the whole rape scene, but he said “we do like drinking!”

At The Drive In is the only band I have heard zero from or about. They’re really not all that Emo so I don’t blame them. I heard that Jason [Black], the drummer from Hot Water Music, loved it and emailed it to everyone he knew. Buddyhead sent me back a blank email with the subject: “I like it.” Um, no word from Steven Tyler. Oh well…

GLONO: Can you make any money off this damned thing? Any interest in that?

Oda: Yeah, I’m gonna be hella rich when I do the second one because I’m putting banners all over the place for music companies. I’m also going to try to sell a lot of cool or funny shirts. Sell out! No really, selling out sucks. Seriously, how could I be Emo if I sold out, right?…right?

You can play the Emo Game here…at least, until their hosting company shuts them down again.

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  1. it’s rock out with your cock out…don’t know who came up with that rivers cuomo said it on weezer site once gg interview

  2. THAT GAY ASS SHIT IS FUCKED UP YO! i saw a thing about it in a magazine so i went to the site, and i clicked the link that dude says he was stoned during the interview, pretty obvious once i read it. EMO FUCKING SUCKS i just have no life so i am bored and read thing. but for real…EMO = DEVIL, MISSY = KICK ASS…yall dont know how to get your freak on, yall just know how to cry!

    if you think otherwise email me

  3. the bitch is back, emo is a fake…the return of the drag queens is coming http://sissyrock.org

    i agree with worddddddddddddd, emo is fucking gay ass shit but not about the missy part. ok, work it is an ok single, but c’mon now. hip hop’s a sorry culture these days. someday the world will bow down to burbie tringo medusa and brad.

  4. i got this to say: this a good day for all gay dashboard-confessional-worshipping losers who make horrible video games and who just…suck. i mean, this fuck doesn’t even know who jeff tweedy is.

  5. W00T! fuck those other freaks! emo is coolio, and i say so. but.. coming from me, it is probably more of an insult. o.O fuck you hip-hop lovers!

  6. Hey Emo’s pretty kewl stuff, interesting interview. I think it’s kinda retarded that people get that fucking worked up over hip hop, Jeff tweedy, and all that stuff. Just chill out and listen to some music. Shit mebbe he shouldn’t have been stoned during the interview.Maybe u people should get stoned and calm down. Dashboard is awesome, and Rivers is pissing me off with all their new crap Pinkerton and the blue cd Rocked!! The Green cd was a heaping pile of shit.

  7. the name’s rivers. cuomo. perhaps you’ve heard of me? i’ve palyed the emo game and a lot of its funny as shit. i’m interested in what you have to say. i agree, the blue album is the best. parts of pinkerton i can admit to liking. the green album i didn’t think was a heaping pile of shit though. what about the latest album?


    ps. yes i did say “rock out wit you cock out”, very smart you are mikey

  8. the game is kickass, and the interview got me laughing out loud…like seriously, not just that “lol” shit we say so commonly. uh..yah anyways…dude, youre awesome, keep up the whole emogame, ill keep playing!..later

  9. wow the person pretending to be rivers can blow me. the game was fucking funny some people cant pull their head out their ass and take a joke and the person at the beginning plugging aerosmith is a homo. fucking asscocks. -alli


    yo, you emo fucks dont know anything. emo IS nothing like that one bitch said. and i hate aerosmith as much as the next playa but alli shouldnt say that that dude is a fag. bedcause your fucking emo music, all those dudes do is cry. hello!!!!!!

  11. “wow the person pretending o be rivers can blow me”

    well i am not pretending, but if you insist…….i guess i will. let’s meet after my toronto show, do you live near there? email [email protected] to discus.

  12. i went to that sissyrock place….did any o yall? that shits fucked up. I LOVE YOU CHRIS CARRABBA MARRY ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE i’d even settle for jason oda, that kid fucking rocks for making emo game. GOD BLESS EMOGAME AND DASHBOARD, CONDEMN THY HIP HOPPERS. dear rivers, i would too like to blow you. you are a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you should read the koran. especially if you’e smoked some reefer before. then that shit is hilarious. like scooby doo.

  13. chris carabba is a cocklickin gayass bitch. so are all yall emo fuckin losers. i’m sorry, did i hurt your feelings? why dont you just go fucking cry about it, fucking emo cunts.

  14. wow! a lot of the people reading this article are stupid! really between emo being gay or nothing, river cuomo and chris carrabba, hip hop and sissyrock, someone promoting aerosmith and another person the koran, you can stick a brick of my shit and eat it like a sandwich and then die of shit poisoning…

    and when did jeff tweedy become jesus christ?…

    by the way…telling emo kids to go cry…very original…never could of thought of that myself…that’s like telling “freddy durst” kids to stop being fat-inbred-redneck-hick jocks…

    emogame forever

  15. the same originality could be said for the phrase “eat shit and die.”

    how dare you insult fred durst. emo kids are all about alienation, and so are metal kids, they jsut like to rock harder. i think some emo is good, only new weezer though, but i also like harder shit, yes, including freddy durst. that kid really does “rock the sock off my cock” or whatever that phrase being discussed is. i dont think thats it, but its much catchier.

  16. jeff tweedy fucking IS jesus christ, have you heard any of their albums?!?! especially yankee hotel foxtrot and summerteeth. those are masterpieces.

  17. whoever spelled ‘the koran’ sohuld be ashamed. anyone knows its qu’ran, although its hard to simulate its original arabic sound.

    i would encourage people to read the qu’ran, but not after having smoked marijuana.

    a lot of people think emo to be made up by mostly christians, jews, or atheists. but i am here to announce to the world the first big islamic emo group….BISMILLAH! (arabic for “in the name of allah”) BISMILLAH! is made up of me, muhammad omar (my name since my conversion) on vocals and lead guitar, my friend muhammad akali on keyboard, another friend on the bass and our drummer just quit so we’re shopping around. most of BISMILLAH!’s stuff is not religious at all, the only difference between us and rivers cuomo is none of us wear glasses and we wear turbans and have beards (does rivers still have his beard, or is it shaved?). anyway, we just thought the face of emo needed to have a little more diversity. actually i’m just trying to sound like we havea “vision”. we’re just a bunch of guys who’ve had some tough times and like emo who just happen to be muslim.

    for additional info please email [email protected]

    BISMILLAH! is now playing shows in the Philadelphia area. I thought this would be a good place to post my message. similar announcements are around the emo-web community.


  18. i can’t believe what im reading, dont even try to say fred durst represents the metal community. fred durst represents hicks and frat boys and mtv kids. it’s crappy rap rock and not real metal. fred durst is more about getting rich and selling out than being alienated and tough.

  19. i think he meant “NU METAL” which is crap. bring on the real: AXL! but old axl, not new.

    word islamic emo? email that fuck.

  20. in his website it says about the interview “heres an interview i did while on drugs. i kept saying “hella.” what;s wrong with me?”

    uh, dude, you were high.

    “pass me the bong

    i’m high as cheech n chong

    marijuna ur the best”

    *its the fav*

    “i want to love you/but i try so hard/and i feel like you dont/and that hurts” – takin back sunday

  21. ok i was wondering and i saw this. im wayy fucked on acid right now, so i figured id read it. people shoudnt give emo shit, emo kids are just in touch man.


  22. yea dude ths one time i took like 3 vials of acid and i went to this weezer concert. i was like totally freaking out. i started screaming “rivers! rivers! i love you!” amd i started tearing off my clothes and stuff. it was mad messed, cause i am not gay or nothing. anyway the point is i got kicked out, man.


  23. Wow this game was really fun. For all of you that are confused about emo, its best summed up in a particularly poignant quote of mine:

    Punk is I fucked your mom, deal with it

    Emo is I fucked your mom, and she wont call me back

    Nuff said



  25. people need to take a joke, that game is hysterical. and for the record, steven tyler pretty much looks like a monkey on crack. someone wanna tell him the 80s are over? conner oberst is a genius

  26. you people are so stupid and simple its hilarious. MTV kicks ass, fred durst kicks ass, rap kicks ass, high school football kicks ass, abercrombie and fitch kicks ass! im out, im gonna be late for practice, peace!


  28. i never fucking said he wasnt a great songwriter just that everyone should stop saying he is hot cause hes not peace in the middle east i’m out

  29. “where you been”

    “i’m dead, wish you were here”

    “send me a postcard from hell, bitch and yes i talk to the dead that way”

    POSTCARD FROM HELL LIVE THURSDAY THE BEST EMO SINCE ATDI CAME OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!notenough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah come and have the sock rocked off your cock at the elbow room, ypsi, 8 pm next thurs

  30. gosh, it looks like you people are getting pretty fucking defensive of the emo game.

    and connor oberst is beautiful. if not physically, then at least mentally. he is a genius.

  31. For one, Emo Game fuckin rocks.

    For two, if you don’t like emo, get the fuck out. Honestly now, Jesus H. Christ!

  32. The emo game is the greatest, Ive sent the link to all of my friends, to tell the truth….I play it almost everyday. Great interview.

  33. Hmm… the game is kinda funny, but it criticizes 4 of my favourite bands (Weezer, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional – and I don’t think that Weezer’s new stuff suck). Well, fine though, I don’t think Jason could EVER agree with me about everything.

    (I like all the “heroes”‘ bands too. I guess I’m kinda ecletic, then… oh, I like The Gloria Record too, one of Jason’s “hated” bands. Whatever)


  35. emo game is great slice of american pop culture.

    the new one needs more peices…

    more bands, more generes to make fun of…

    but isn’t making fun of Steven Tyler passe?

    like, so 90’s?

    but i digress…

  36. none of you get what the dudes saying – he’s essence of emo kid. Half of you probly wouldnt know emo from….ska?!

    Yous are all complaining about mtv kids liking chris carrabba, so is the video game dude – but at least he’s acknowledging his talent…its not his fault that he has huge ovaries and sold out. FSF is some of the best “post-emo” you’ll hear, you cant take that away from him.

    “”….Emo is really cool and the guys are really hott so get a life and shut up!!!!”” – its statements like this from 14 year old girls who have heard a coupld of NFG song, jumped on the “punk” bandwagon thats seems to have come about…and forced people like chris’s ovaries to grow.


    ……and people who agree, like this dumb fuck…who have absolutly no idea what emo is who worsen the situation….emo isnt ment to “ROCK YOUR WORLD”, it helps kids feel like there not alone, like there not the only one with problems…emos charactrised by its introspective lyrics, and some of the best songwriters round belong to the genre. True emo kids know what to look for, emo-core played the way it should be – with angst and emotion.

    Too all the stupit ring in’s who think your being emo because you listen to jimmy eat world or saw dashboard on mtv lastnight and told all your freinds how “deep” and cute he is…your about as cool as good charlotte

    emo kid’s unite – forget everyone else…we know why we listen

  37. I think the dude should put The Blood Brothers in the emo game to fight all the emo kids. That would be quality entertainment. Hardcore vs. Emo.

    …and he should use Jawbreaker in the game for characters. Blake is awesome. Oh, and Death Cab For Cutie because everyone loves Ben Gibbard. Fuck Taking Back Sunday.

  38. ha ha ha!! the blood brothers are not hardcore! haha, they are romulans dressing as indie rock kids! haha. i like how their music goes ja ja ja ja ja ja and then screams at me like a fire breathing dragon! If i had a black outfit and a white belt, i would go to one of their shows, but my wardrobe only consists of wwe shirts. :(

  39. praise be to eskimogirl for setting things straight!

    but i hafta say one thing, why do all care so much about selling out and a band having a clip on mtv, what if the band wants to show the world their shit? why the fuck does it hafta be all about you? i love to watch a bands clip, to see what theyre thinking, see live footage (cos not every fucking band can afford to come over to Australia!).

    the cool as good charlotte quote was very good by the way

    no love for the haters


  40. Romulans dressed as indie rock kids? Come on. Don’t knock the Blood Brothers. Do you ever listen to their lyrics… they’re incredible. Those kids know what they’re doing. (Waxwing and Sharks Keep Moving are superior however.)

    Man – I’m so kicking your ass! Meet me on the playground after snack time. Haha. Yeah, I’m not all about fighting so you can think what you want about them and I’ll think what I want. :) It’s all nice on ice, alright. Taking Back Sunday still sucks though.

  41. these posts are funnier than the interview. even if i did hate emo and love the nookie, id still think this game was hilarious. i takes an open mind to find things funny for what they are.and all of the people who are telling the emo kids to go cry, i just want to tell you that they dont care. emo, hardcore, indie all have the same fans. its about listening to everything and finding what you like. no true fan got into emo cuz mtv said so they didnt care what you thought and still dont. try opening your minds a bit. oh and the pop-punk shit was not bought it was created by mtv. punk is something that ccant not be bought.

  42. MUTHAFUCKAS I AM BAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISS MY ASS EMO FUCKERS!!!!!!!! YO, i hadnt checkd this page in forever but some guy sent me emogame link and said itm was bitchin (yfr)and i was remindered. so peace in the middle east, i’m out jsut have to say


  43. i just have to say, whats all the fucking fuss about? thsoe who say some bands are “fake emo”…well emo is pretty much a fake genre in itself, so why not say he more the merrier? all you guys say you love these bands and they’re just like too fucking incredible for the rest of the pop culture to embrace…but when they do, you say they sold out and you dont like them eanymore because everyone else does. get over yoselves…peace, outtie

  44. Thank you all for making me giggle… I knew there were some pretty stupid people in the world, but c’mon, you guys are pushing it. I like emo, but I have more of a life than to get so incredibly worked up over this stuff.

  45. yaya how cool!!

    omg i love you all thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this, that so specy-tackular like you wont believe it. you all make me giggle and want to eat something just so i can stop myself fromm eating my own head. thats for sure. uh huh. huh ha! dont forget to miss your train back east where your mama’s waiting with some apple pies hmmmmmm hmmmm. dont wanna forget thos apple pies because thats the only thing thats keeping you tied to this country we call the us of a. ayou know that right? you all know thta duncha??? i love the world i love the world i love yous all no wait no i dont i hate the world and i hate all of you. or do i?!!?!?! you may never knoooooo11111111111\\\ in 20 years i won’t remember posting this but i’m sure pissin my pants now!!

    later cupcaix

  46. im a huge D/C fan, and i still think that all the parts of this game where they make fun of Chris Carrabba are hilarious!!! anyone who doesnt like the emogame, or emo itself should just shut the fuck up. didnt your mommy ever tell you “if you dont have something to say, dont say anything at all?” well maybe she didnt…maybe she was turning tricks behind a 7-11, which could be why all you hardcore or hip-hop mtv whores are so bitter, yet so completely tasteless in music. whatever, its not my problem. i know what i like and why i like it and i dont have to explain it to any of you assholes. i, unlike all you corporate whores, do not need to see a band on MTV to know that its worth listening to. all you people do is whatever the marketing executives at MTV tell you to do. Jesus!, try going to a fucking show! oh wait, the kind of crap you listen to is all processed, and couldnt be performed live. i forgot.

    by the way, eskimogirl rules for her comment.

  47. wow someone had a lot of negativity to let out. i think most of you have forgotten what this was for, most people find that they are able to post msg’s and figure its a good time to spout their opinion about everything from their dogs asshole to why they think emo is gay, you gotta remember it was supposed to be about the game, which i found very amusing, and a great way to waste my time. which i have a lot of cause i can sit here and write reviews like this.

  48. thanks to Jason Oda for creating the Emo Game. now i have something to do with all the free time i have at the school library. this game makes my life just a little more enjoyable. Thanks Jason!


  50. Game is good. Everyone should stop being fucking ignorant dicks and just accept the game for what it is: a game. Who cares if the guy was high? He made a game and did a damn funny interview.

    I like emo, I don’t like rap or hip hop, and I hate pop music and MTV. But i hate people who say: “OMG HE IS SO HOTT DONT TALK SHYT BOUT CHRIS CAREBA BECUZ HE IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOTT!!!”

    People like that, should be packed into cannons and sent to the moon. Or a brick wall. End of story.

  51. “Just generally, we’re not cops or stalkers…”

    My response to that?:

    You ever show up where I am again I’ll make sure you end up in prison.

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