Ether – Great Ocean Road

EtherGreat Ocean Road

This album sounds like a celebrity side project. No, it sounds worse than a celebrity side project. It sounds like a celebrity side project without the celebrity.

Oh wait, that’s because it is a celebrity side project without the celebrity. Ether is the band behind Russell Crowe’s Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts. We all know that actors shouldn’t be allowed to sing or play in a band, but it’s news to us that they shouldn’t be allowed to ditch their band and let those people record boring, acoustic schlock like Great Ocean Road either.

Seriously, before I found out who they were, I thought this might be “praise music.” Their logo is the fish symbol, they have that overproduced, acoustic sheen on everything, and they have intensely lame lyrics like these from “The Link”:

What is the link between pain and true love?

Where is the road that all sorrows end?

What is the bond between a mother and a child?

The members of Ether should take up acting, and maybe Russell Crowe can hook them up with parts in his next movie.

5 thoughts on “Ether – Great Ocean Road”

  1. You have some of your facts mixed up, Bud. Russell Crowe had nothing to do with this project.

    Garth Adam, of Ether, is also in a band that also has Russell Crowe as a member, called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.


  2. You have some information WRONG

    Ether is a band fronted by Garth Adams

    the band has nothing to do with Russell Crowe other then..Garth is Russell’s Band’s Bass player! Crowe’s Band is Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts.

    Ether is a talented group of men that offer some great music …

    This review is pure rubbish …take the time and listen to the pleasent guitar music your self…

  3. Fuck reviews. Reviews don’t really matter. You can’t believe ’em when they fuckin’ praise you, and you can’t believe them when they criticize you. Because if I believe them now, that means I should’ve believed them the other times — and we know that they’re wrong all the fuckin’ time. — Neil Young, Shakey (p. 669)

    Sorry for all the cussin’, but it’s a quote and it’s Neil Young.

  4. ether were a band signed by emi warner fronted by rory meredith who has just had a major deal with warner aftyer the band unfortunately split after the shooting of their music videos

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