How about a little Ozzy

How about a little Ozzy and Harriet??? The Osbournes take to the airwaves in what promises to be the only thing worth watching on MTV this year.

4 thoughts on “How about a little Ozzy”

  1. I just caught the tail end of one of these… the only thing I can say is funny as hell. I could barely understand ozzy through all the *bleeps* and his thick accent, but seeing the man tell his kids not to drink or get stoned and to wear a condom if they have sex right before they headed out to a club was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while

  2. I finally saw it. The episode about the dogs, Barck at the Moon. Fucking hilarious. Ozzy is the funniest, goofiest motherfucker in the whole world!

  3. I finally just caught a couple episodes last weekend, including their Christmas episode – what a riot. I thought it was going to be strange and somehow awkward, but it makes for some seriously entertaining viewing.

    On MTV – who would have guessed?

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