Jeff Tweedy on bands that have followed Uncle Tupelo

“A lot of the things I hear sound like they’re written as like nostalgia for something that the people that are making it haven’t even lived through. I don’t understand 26-year-old, 28-year-old kids singing about roadhouses and whiskey and stuff. I just find it hard to believe that that is part of their life, that it isn’t completely constructed.” — Jeff Tweedy on bands that have followed Uncle Tupelo.

3 thoughts on “Jeff Tweedy on bands that have followed Uncle Tupelo”

  1. And we all know that writing about things that are “completely constructed” is a bad thing, like beating your wife or needing a shot in the arm… For someone who was so vocal about the difference between narrator and autobiographer after the release of Summerteeth, you’d think he’d cut these kids some slack…

  2. I have more of an issue with the fact that many newer “” bands are rehashing boring old themes and pretending to be Gram Parsons. It’s just old hat, man.

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