5 thoughts on “Look at Us!”

  1. Dear Sirs,Please cancel my subscription to your magazine. After the publication of disgusting and sickening photographs of three obvious deviants in your pages on January 19, 2002, I am no longer able to tolerate your filth. Please refund the balance of my $130 subscription to your service.You people should be ashamed. Your attempt at sleeze has sunk to a new low with this photo. It is truely disgusting!!!SincerelyScotty5000

  2. Dear Scotty,We regret that you find the photo of the Chicago Glono team “disgusting.” We at Glono support the arts, including pieces deemed controversial or repugnant. We wish you all the best and hope you will some day return to Glorious Noise.PS: At this time we are unable to refund your subscription fees as we spent it all on meth and whores this weekend.

  3. Lordy Child! What handsome gents! I had all but given up on the idea that brains, good looks, and cultural elitism could all be found in one tight-assed package, but now my faith hath been restored!

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