Wisconsin’s Walworth County Board has voted 5-0 in favor of “Terrapin Station: A Grateful Dead Family Reunion,” which they had originally shit-canned. Read about their decision here.

12 thoughts on “ON WITH THE SHOW”

  1. IT’S NOT A DEAD SHOWno insult intended but come on guys. the whole thing looks more and more like hype to me. Hope im wrong. Maybe the spirt of Jerry will be there. My question, would that be a good thing? “Will you still need me will you still feed me when i’m 64?”

  2. I thought that was the big deal about the Terrapin show to begin with, even before the hype: It was the first reunion of ALL the original members since Jerry’s death. Stella, do I detect an air of “they just don’thave it anymore”?

  3. Again, this is not the first post-Jerry show by the remaining members of the Dead. They played the Further Festival as the Other Ones, augmented by extra musicians.And good for them. They ought to be able to find a way to deal with the crowd. Just give them green bud and twinkies and tell them to wait quietly in a nearby pasture if they don’t have a ticket.

  4. whatever turns you on Johnny. When i listen to stuff from the 80′ i can’t even imagine how i endured the 90s. But there’s too much emotional baggage in there for me to make a fair judgement so i gotta leave it to the ‘kids’ Do they have it or are you there for the party. I really wanna know. ps i see the Who tonight.

  5. One of the things the county will do to discourage “over-attendance” is tow your car. They have over 40 tow trucks lined up. One of the things being talked about to soak up the Deadheads who won’t fit on-site is a life closed circuit arena venue… would you pay 430 to see the Other ones on the giant screen?

  6. that would be “live closed circuit…” and “$30” not 430, although the way prices are going up with the Clearchannel monopoly, who knows?

  7. Speaking of the evil empire that is Clearchannel, has anyone here other than me largely given up on “big shows?” I can’t think of the band that could get me into one of Satan’s…. uh, I mean Clearchannel’s sheds. Seriously. Not a single band comes to mind.

  8. $30 is the cost of the ticket. The extra $400 is for “convenience”. And Jaime, I have not been to a TicketSatan show in at least a year. No worries, no complaints, and my life has been just as full. The one band I wanted to see–Wilco–that was playing a TicketBastard venue I was able to secure tickets from the box office without paying any service fees.

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