Open Letter to the Stone

The Open Letter to Rolling Stone that everyone is attributing to Joan Jett was actually written by Maya Price.

Updated links 11/26/2008.

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Stone”

  1. “Use the word “rock” in bold letters next to a picture of Britney Fucking Spears, and you’re turning your whole publication into a joke…and an offensive joke at that.”

    I’m in love…

  2. This is hilarious, but kind of upsetting too. You know that no one at RS gave a fuck what this letter said, I’m sure they all know shes right, nothing will change, it doesn’t matter. Whats sad is that the word “Rock” is now the word to describe basically anything you hear. If you hear it, and it came out this year, doesn’t matter what you think it is, thats rock. Christ.

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