Quick! It’s Not Too Late!

The Mayfest organizers are requesting that bands submit one or two songs and contact info to the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center for consideration to play at the 7th Annual MAYFEST. This always turns out to be one of those great cross cultural and generational events that just makes everyone feel good.

Send to: MAYFEST 2002, c/o KAMSC Cheryl Hach, 600 W. Vine Street, Kalamazoo MI 49008.

Where: MAYFEST 2002 will be at the Portage, Michigan band shell Sunday May 19th, 12-6pm.

MAYFEST 2002Background: 7th Annual MAYFEST is an outdoor all ages music festival. Six bands will play. Organized as a fund raiser for the student senate of the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center, Mayfest is by and for young people. It’s always great time for all. Organized to fill the need for “big name” bands to play for all ages crowds and give local budding high school bands a chance to play to a big audience along with real bands and with a real sound system! Past Mayfest performers have been The Jah Kings, Knee Deep Shag, Pound and Beers, Nobody’s Favorite, The Sinatras, The Tonies, Big Sam, The Mad Butchers, Packaged Bliss, Triplemint, Twister, and The Vantrells to name a few. The organizers pick a great sampling of styles, so there will be something for everyone.

For information contact:

Mark Peeters (616) 553-9327 – [email protected]

Chery Hach (616) 337-0019 – [email protected]

KAMSC Phone (616) 337-0004

KAMSC Fax (616) 337-0049

4 thoughts on “Quick! It’s Not Too Late!”

  1. Ah yes, Mayfest. I have been to two Mayfests in my time and they were both great. Looking forward to seeing what the lineup is this year.Matt Southwell (Baldy Vantrell), where are you?

  2. Who remembers The Electric Company? “One two three four – five / six seven eight nine – ten / eleven twelve!” Dada da daaa dada da daaa… I’d play that tune for Mayfest!*sniff sniff* – ah, the memories… Mayfest is a great time (as long as the weather cooperates). Nice park, good bands, and in my experience, good sound for an outdoor show. I wonder who’ll be on the ticket this year?Come back, Matt – some of us need a band!

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