Space Cadet

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing I could strap certain pop musicians to a rocket and blast them into outer space. Of course, it’s not really a feasible way to deal with the Britneys, the Backstreets, the Christinas, etc. There’s just not enough money in the NASA budget to rid the world of these awful musicians in this highly inefficient though potentially entertaining way. Fortunately, at least one of these popsters seems willing to provide his own funding. Lance Bass of Nsync is rounding up sponsors to pay the Russians $25 million to head into orbit aboard a Soyuz rocket. Apparently “Gordo” Bass has dreamed of boldy going where no talentless celebrity has gone before, ever since he attended Space Camp as a child. The ‘sync-er says, “I am completely overwhelmed at the invitation,” unsurprising considering reports that his favorite country to visit is Liechtenstein.

12 thoughts on “Space Cadet”

  1. No shit, Prop – why doesn’t someone round up some sponsors to put together $25 million for something worth while? Mike D should be so lucky.

  2. There’s so many great causes in world that sponsors can give $25 to and still get their free marketing from. But no, I think I’ll donate money to send some fucking kid into space that has no scientific reason to be there just because he’s famous and wants to?!?!?!On a lighter note, I’ve got $4.81 to send Jake into space. I bet I could find at least 8 – 9 more cents in my car, too.

  3. I cannot think of a better celebrity goofball/space-cadet than Lance Bass to promote international space travel whilst titillating the entire Earth with fav hits from orbit! I look forward its media flowering with baited anticipation. Way to go sab!

  4. I’ll chip in as long as it’s a one-way trip…and we can figure out how to sneak his band-mates on board.

  5. Well, I’m a cheezy pop-music artist, and *I’d* like to go into space. Quite frankly, I’d fight any one of those boyband goons for the privelage. Course, based on my recent traffic stats, it’ll be ten years……$:@)

  6. Are we really supposed to believe lance bass doesn’t have the $25 million sitting around in a bank account somewhere to send himself into space? I mean, what else is he saving his millions for…to send all the orphans in Leichtenstein to college?

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