Swizzle-Stick vs. Pitchfork

Swizzle-Stick is ready to give Pitchfork a run for its money with daily music news and reviews.

4 thoughts on “Swizzle-Stick vs. Pitchfork”

  1. i used to have that page bookmarked… but deleted it because the page was hard to navigate, and nothing new ever seemed to show up. now, with the… um… “pitchfork-esque” redesign, maybe i’ll visit more often

  2. i take full blame for the site not being updated very often. up until last week everything was done manually (we just started using a database which helps automate things) and i just didn’t have a lot of “spare” time to devote to the site (we just had a baby in may and she hasn’t quite yet figured out that at night you’re supposed to sleep). but, we’re full of energy again and the site is going strong with daily updates. the redesign was partly inspired by pitchfork, yes. we are regular viewers of the site although, like most people, we don’t often agree with their take on cds. thanks for the support, sorry about the lack of updates. we’re still wrapping our hands around the design of the site and you’re likely to see even more tweaks to the frontpage until we’re finally happy.

  3. i can dig it. swizzle-stick is bookmarked again. pitchfork has a bad attitude, but i check it for the regular updates.

    oh yeah, eventually the child will sleep at night…


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