The Flaming Sideburns – Save Rock’N’Roll

The Flaming SideburnsSave Rock’N’Roll (Jet Set)

Dullards among us might say things like “Scandinavia is the new Seattle!” and “Rock and roll is back!” But most sensible people understand that the rock never left, whether we’re talking about the Pacific Northwest or the Great White North. The latest import from the land of the midnight sun? Finland’s Flaming Sideburns. Having bounced around in garage land for a few years (a 7″ on Estrus; collaborations with The Hellacopters), the Sideburns are using rock’s current populist resurgence to nick US ears with Save Rock n’ Roll. While the title might be an overstatement (and hailing from an outpost like Finland is THE ONLY way you can have a name like the Flaming Sideburns), the record is an adequate amalgam of all the elements and influences that make up the best garage rock albums. Treble-kicking 60s lead guitar, hammering bottom end, a frontman who reaches through your speaker to punch you in the chest. Eduardo Martinez is the fella’s name, and I’m sure he does a fabulous Mick Jagger impersonation at cocktail parties. The garage rock songbook titles are all here: “Loose My Soul”; “Street Survivor”; “Testify.” And the Sideburns might sometimes lean too heavily on Martinez’s passionate shrieks to authenticate their straightforward take on heavy R & B. But it’s honest rock and roll music to drink canned beer to, and the album’s few quieter, more melodic moments show some real depth. (I kept being reminded of Brian Jonestown Massacre). But The Flaming Sideburns understand that their music belongs out in the garage, and not spilling Black Label on your new shag carpeting. And despite the hype storm descending on the Sideburns and the larger Scandinavian scene, it’s that knowledge that will likely save themselves.

8 thoughts on “The Flaming Sideburns – Save Rock’N’Roll”

  1. I just found this site and I have to thank you for the review given from different point of view. ’cause here in freezin’ Finland nobody seems to have anything negative to say about the Sideburns. But I know the reason: they are just great. And I hope you guys will have a change to see them in action some day. Your sideburns would be “Up in flames” too…

    If you haven’t heard “Sweatmaster”s debut “Sharp cut”, go check it out.

  2. Who would suggest that “Scandanavia is the new Seattle?” Ridiculous. Apples and oranges. However, FINLAND is the new Sweden! The tall, handsome, arrogant Swedes are finished. The

    short(er), taciturn Finns are where it’s at. Lovely design aesthetic, you know.

  3. Goddamn, hipshaker, that was funny. “Short, taciturn Finns”…LOL!

    As for Flamin Sideburns…if The Devil Dogs couldn’t save Rock ‘n Roll I don’t see how these fellas are gonna do it.

  4. I’m over it I quit. Though I still like this album. I find it necessary to throw in the towel. There is no hope.. Unless Angry Vantrell ever straps on a Casino. Just the same all may still be lost. Not even Ozzy can save us now.

    Hollywood vantrell

  5. If You thought that “Save R’n’R” is great, You’ll love new album “Sky Pilots” too. It will be released autumn (?) 2003 outside Scandinavia.

    Just bought Sky Pilots CD from local record store and I think it’s better than any Rolling Stones-record ever..

    PS. Did You know that “Save R’n’R” was originally released here in Finland under name “Hallelujah Rock ‘n’ Rollah” :)

  6. It’s true that “Sky Pilots” is better than the previous album… And one of the songs, I’ve heard, is currently being played in a tv- car advert! Go check it out…

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