Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah?

Although “dippy” isn’t the sort of adjective one would associate with the level of discourse found here on GloNo, it is that word that best lends itself to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Had that song been done by anyone other than the brainy Beatle, the level of excoriation would cause this page to explode. Think only of the crescendo of the “You-hoo-hoo,” as though he’s thirsting for a chocolate beverage. Oh, sure, the right sentiment is hit, with the idea about no war and living in peace and harmony, but the same can be said of “Kumbya,” and that isn’t a particularly revered song unless you happen to be 14 and you are sitting around a campfire. If Barry Manilow had busted out with “Imagine,” it would have been considered sappier than “Mandy.”

So I take some encouragement that the Brits haven’t judged “Imagine” to be their favorite single of all time. It takes number two.

But what is number one? Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Please. From a country that produced such singles as “Satisfaction,” “Can’t Explain,” hell, I’ll even throw in “Stairway to Heaven,” and we haven’t even scratched the surface, Mountain Dew commercial notwithstanding (and do they even have Dew in the U.K.?), it is hard to imagine. “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Apparently, a poll by British Hit Singles, published by Guinness World Records, gives it the nod. Crikey! Clearly, you can’t underestimate the taste of the masses.

That Brits tend to have comparatively bad teeth is evident. (Something to do with the national health care, presumably.) Perhaps there is some sort of hearing (or taste) impairment, as well.

5 thoughts on “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah?”

  1. If polled, what would America pick? You have to include the countless country junkies in as a factor. Also, the senior citizens who still think Rock & Roll is dangerous. America is so diverse compared to England it’s hard to fathom what the outcome would be.I’m picturing an Elvis song or maybe Michael Jackson?

  2. Music taste is as subjective as anything else, however, the answers to a survey can be directed by the demographics of the group surveyed. By the way, the “senior citizens” you are referring to must be the parents of my age group. R&R is generally believed to have begun in the mid-1950’s, which would place the first generation of rockers in their late 50’s to late 60’s today. That qualifies us as senior citizens by most definitions and we most certainly do not consider R&R to be dangerous. We grew up with it and we still love it!

  3. Seriously, though. The seniors that I’m referring to are late 60’s and up. I don’t think they’d likely pick the Stones or something that came out late 60’s to early 70’s.I know there are many older rockers out there. That was confirmed when my father, now 55, copied my Body Count album because he thought it had good beats.Well, I threw a couple of guesses out there, does anyone else have a guess.My choice would have to be Brown Sugar. Hands down. Second would be Wish You Were Here.

  4. Best US single? Ohio by CSNY. Everything about that song is great including the fact that it hit the airwaves one week after the shootings at Kent State and the fact that it was written by a Canadian! Amazing.

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