You Know You’re Right leaked

Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right” has finally leaked out.

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  1. This is pretty cool and freaky. I’m listening to it right now for the first time. It sounds like it’s going to be a number one hit–or at least get a lot of “alternative” radio airplay. This could be good. (Funny thing is, since moving to Chicago I listen to commercial radio a lot when I run errands in the car. This would fit right in.)

  2. Sounds a lot like the new alternative, ha ha. It’s an okay song, but after listening to it just a couple of times, it certainly doesn’t seem like a major work by any means. Nice to hear it though. It would have made a fine b-side back in its day.

  3. I can see it fitting in too. There’s a horrible band called Puddle of Mudd (one of Fred Durst’s ass bands) who ape Nirvana’s sound without any of the wit, irony or thought of Cobain’s lyrics. They are fucking horrible but sonically similar to Nirvana.

    Whether it’ll be abig hit I have no idea. I really can’t get a feel for popular radio right now. I suppose it’ll have the kind of push to get it radio play that you need to break a single, but will the kids just get confused or will anyone even care? I think the song is pretty cool. It’s along the lines of Serve The Servants or School. I dig it plenty.

  4. I can’t hear it thru my firewall but a friend of mine heard it and commented:

    “I’m not at all happy with the arrangement of You Know You’re Right. I have the original demo on mp3, and this big band sound is completely counter to what Cobain was trying to do with the song originally. Also, the original has a magnificent 35-second wail that has been taken out of this version. quite disappointing. If this is what is released, Cobain would vomit in his own ashes. so sad.”

  5. I feel that it is no longer about underground scene / mainstream scene. It’s now about Courtney “stealing” other peoples music and using it for profit. I hope that every single track that she has in her possesion will be leaked before she has the chance to release it and gain profit from it. Although, I would prefer it if she woke up to herself, aquired some morality and gave the music back to Krist, Dave and the public, where it belongs.

  6. when iheard this song for the first time it appears like kurt where still alive . i think that courtney is money hungry also, and it´s a shame .

  7. Hey Phillips…

    There is no demo version of this song available anywhere. There is one live performance of it from October ’93 thats surfaced, but this is the only kind of studio work that has. Your friend is a liar.

  8. hi, i just heard “you know you’re right” a few days ago. i like the beginning, but the end is a bit on the cheese side…the extended drum wierdness? it does sound like what all those lame ass bands are just doing now. it’s nuts. . i liked that he said he felt “swell” in the song. Awesome to hear his voice again!

  9. I’ve been a huge NIRVANA fan for the past 10years, please, please, please, could someone tell me where I can hear, You Know You’re Right, cheers!!!

  10. uhmmm

    anyone ragging on “you know your right” isnt a true nirvana fan

    because your essentially ragging on nirvana

    nevermind the dubbing and the over commercilization of the song

    that was what nirvana became

    and that is why kurt died

    “you know your right” is a great song

    and this song is far from new

    it has been on boot legs as “you got no right” for 7 years

    you people truly should have known

  11. You can still be a true fan and have critical thought regarding that band’s music. I am a huge fan of Nirvana but don’t like every single song. Kurt Cobain didn’t like every single song. We’re music fans, not zombies.

    That said, I really like You Know You’re Right. I actually do think it ranks among my favorites.

  12. Personally, I like it. It has a more mature sound to it, and I think that’s what the mixers/producers were after with this one…

    Yes, it was previously released, Ive had it for years, but the words were different, (almost unintelligable), and it was longer. Too bad they did take the wail out of it.

    I do think it’s a solid track, and to be honest, I think it will make the top 10. It blows the shit out of everything else they play on the radio these days.

  13. “You know you’re right” is not the best Nirvana song I’ve heard (although it’s probably in the top 10) and I agree that if Kurt were still alive the final version would sound different because of the mixing and production techniques. But it sounds so much better than most of the crap coming out today. It’s very rare for me to hear a new song and be frozen to the edge of my seat from beginning to end but this one did just that.

    I’m not even going to speculate if this is going to be a hit or not. I really don’t care what half the world is listening to but I do think that most of it isn’t nearly as good as this.

    Now I get to be sad all over again….

  14. i gotta be honest, now that i´ve heard this new song i can´t help thinking about that bitch named courtney, my anger increases now against her, i just felt touched by hearing kurt´s voice again, with the same passion he put in all of his songs, it´s really something to hear a new nirvana song, it´s seems a long long time since he was every day news, but i heard this song i felt like was still playing…but i don´t see him among this pathetic, shitty, trash new bands, like sum41, blink 182, etc….it would be a lack of respect to him

  15. the music is is going backwards, how much is missed kurt and his music, this song took me to my teenage years where nirvana was a way of freedom to express my feelings and i think everybody´s feelings, the feeling is just great, i miss him very much. almost of all the new bands are shit bands, recycle bands, they shoud dissapear from the face of the earth

  16. I have the live recording on mp3 also (horrible recording), they announce it as “all apologies” – i don’t know why, but it’s definitely “You know you’re right”. The studio version doesn’t do it justice, but I still think it ranks up in the top ten. Way better than anything out there now.

  17. It’s beautiful, what more can really be said? Now I’m left with the hope that a massive box set will now finally hit the shelves at some point in my lifetime.

  18. i believe that this song deviates from nirvana’s usual form, and that makes me like it that much more. the interplay between the bass and guitar is so subtle but so delicious, and kurt’s vocals still sound nice, grangly, and joplin-esque. what happened to music? maybe this will remind everyone that there can be soul in rock.

  19. theres more. Yes!More! Return of the ratts, verse chourus verse, oh the guilt and a shitload more. Just get em off of Kazaa or Bearshare(you can get these programs at’m all alone when it comes to Nirvana, I’m gen Y so no one my age knows who they are, some dont even know who Jimi Hendrix is…..sad truly sad….

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