Bands You Say You Love

10 Bands You Say You Love but never actually listen to and 10 that you never mention but listen to every day.

5 thoughts on “Bands You Say You Love”

  1. This link, aside from being old as hills, is ridiculous. It’s snarky, uninformed, borderline-offensive, and useless to both the average and the sophistocated record buyer. Don’t give people a reason to blog this again.

  2. Actually, wait. I hadn’t read the article again, having read it already a year ago. I forgot something… it’s also some kind of bullshit dadaist exercise in making no sense whatsoever. Is that cool? You tell me.

  3. The Sonic Youth opinion is a tip-off — contrary to this ill-informed writer’s opionion, they have at least two tap-your-foot great rock songs on every album from Daydream on. (I don’t know their earlier stuff.) I’m listening to Murray Street right now. Calling Talking Heads Talking Homos is only a little stupider than saying this band is no fun and you never listen to them. I loved Fear of Music and still sing “Heaven” to myself all the time.

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