Colorfully Filthy Lucre

Quick: What do Madonna, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Pantera, The Who (original lineup), Rob Zombie, AC/DC, Kiss, and Britney Spears have in common?

Chances are, the answer that you’ll reach, undoubtedly fanciful, will not be right. If it is right, then it may seem odd that you’re reading this website.

fancheck.comThe answer we’re looking for is that their images can be featured on your very own checks. That’s right, you can have a sultry Madonna mug right on that script that you use to pay your rent. And if you have to mail your rent payment in, then you can avail yourself of, say, Britney address labels and envelope sealers. (Maybe you’ll luck out and your landlord will be afraid to deface the envelope or will want to hang onto the check, thereby keeping some cash in your account.) All of this is simple and easy. Simply go to and make your selection from the array offered. Damn! Isn’t the Internet great? There’s no end of incredible products that you can find.

Lest you worry that you are somehow cutting into the riches, say, that Oz would be accumulating through his own gear, know that, according to the purveyor of these products: “Fan Checks, Inc.™ has been officially licensed by the various artists and organizations that we produce products for.” So, presumably, there is a little cut going his way every time your write a check.

All of this sort of gives a new meaning to “The Who Sell Out.”

7 thoughts on “Colorfully Filthy Lucre”

  1. Now I can write a KISS cheque (yes, that’s right – Canadian English spelling) for my KISS casket. It’s all about the music……and the money and whores, but mostly about the music……uh huh.

  2. Billy Ray’s mullet on check…what will they think of next?!?!?!? Disappointing to not see any Ike Turner checks, though…could pay my alimony with ’em!

  3. As I was reading this I thought “mmm, Ween checks.” I am glad to see I am not alone. The Boognish should be on the new $20 bill, but for the moment my checks would do…

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