Foo Fighters – One by One

Foo Fighters - One by OneFoo Fighters – One by One

Dave Grohl played kick ass drums in a really great rock and roll band from the 1990s. He used to sort of look like a jocky prep with his ponytail and turtlenecks (see the Unplugged in New York, especially). But boy, could he beat the shit out of those drums. He even recorded a very cool song of his own with that band, a b-side called “Marigold.” Those were the days.

Then he started his own band and made a bunch of funny videos. Man, those guys are funny. They like to dress up in silly costumes. Remember the one that was like the Mentos commercials? Ha ha ha ha ha. That was a good one!

He’s got a new album out now called One by One, and you might have heard the new song on the radio. Sound familiar? Yeah, it pretty much sounds like all the other songs they’ve recorded. But maybe a little slicker. And the rest of the album isn’t any better. Wait for the greatest hits collection, which has got to be right around the corner, doesn’t it?

Here’s a list of the people who think this album is really, really boring: me, Derek Phillips, Johnny Loftus, Richard Daley, Bob Hope, Betty Ford, Scott Adams, Joe Esposito, Shania Twain, Reggie Miller, Sandra Bullock, Hope Sandoval, Tom Daschle, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Bill Frist, J.P. Morgan, Victor Newman, Jack Abbott, Ashley Carlton, Olivia Winters, Michael Baldwin, J.T. Hellstrom, Diego Guittierez, Katherine Chancellor, Brittany Hodges, Diane Jenkins, John Silva, Mackenzie Browning, Larry Warton, Lleyton Hewitt, Alicia Molik, Jiri Novak, Daja Bedanova, Kiefer Sutherland, Anthony Becht, Nile Kinnick, Bill Parcells, Michael Jordan, Mike Dillard, Dale Crover, Bob McFadden, Aaron Burckhard, Chad Channing, Dave Foster, Danny Peters, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear, and Dave Grohl.

42 thoughts on “Foo Fighters – One by One”

  1. If even Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic found it boring I guess “There’s nothing left to loose!”

  2. Here are the mags that that it was fucking great. Rolling Stone and Spin. I know that you guys undoubtedly think those guys suck, but at least they actually reviewed the album, come on, why bother with this review, to show that you are witty? Don’t waste our fucking time. Im not into really mainstream music either, but I do think that Dave Grohl is one of the decent parts of it. If you are going to bother with making a review section, don’t treat it as another chance for you to act above everything, as usual, you fucking douchebag.

  3. Wait…so if I don’t like this album then I’m a pretentious ass? Would that mean that I don’t actually *enjoy* the albums that I do like–I just buy them for their “cool factor”? My fragile supercilious world is collapsing! Help!

  4. This has got to be the most ridiculous and non-sensical review i have ever read. I dont know what all that nonsense about including lists of people who supposedly dont like the album…you should try to find people who do like the album and the band…there are LOTS!! I know you are just trying to be funny, but its not working.

  5. Well that was altogether a waste of webspace.

    You know if you’re going to write a review, you should at least review it.

    Stupid fuck.

  6. If you’re going to “review” an album/band, at least give some valid reasons for your criticisms…For example, how do their songs sound alike?? I personally think they all sound unique (and i own every song they’ve ever done)…so give me a reason to believe you! In fact don’t bother… you’re clearly someone who’s opinion isnt worth listening to anyway.

    Critic my ass.

  7. :yawn:

    Your pathetic, firstly go listen to the album and secondly get your head out of your ass. Then come back and post something worth reading.

  8. You are a fuck..

    If you are going to review an album why don’t you try and do it properly and perhaps try listening to the songs. As for mentioning the “really great rock band” Dave used to drum in.. I don’t see how Nirvana has anything at all to do with this. And I think you should also get your facts straight as Dave Grohl does not find this ablum boring .. and in fact has commented on how much he loves it, how much he loves to perform it live, and how much he loves playing it with the rest of the band. I have seen them play many of the new songs live and they blew me and the rest of the audience away. Therefore, it saddens me to say you are a stuck up pratt who is obviously bringing in the big bucks to slag off one of the best rock bands around.

    Oh because you are so funny.. you people sicken me

  9. how does All my Life sound like all the other songs they’ve recorded….it’s probably the only really hard rock single they’ve released, and their songs and albums are all unique. They have evolved greatly over the years…whereas it seems you, speaking metaphorically, are still a fucking ape when it comes to taste in music.

  10. Don’t get so worked up about it! The Foos are my favourite band but I’m not all that bothered if some halfwit has to SPEND THEIR TIME to write something like that, in fact its quite amusing.

  11. Umm yeah, someones pulling shit right out of their ass, and I think its you buddy boy! When you review somthing you should actually review it dumbass!!

  12. Umm, ok…that wasn’t actually a review. that was a general rubbishing of an album which, yes, does have it’s flaws. But is over all the plato that Dave Groul wishes to remain on, and good luck for him. And boohoo to you. learn to review, asshole.

  13. Instead of paying homage to Richard Meltzer, try and use your own imagination. I know you’re just trying to piss people off, because you can write a load of rubbish and get paid big bucks, so you don’t have shit all to do. However, by desperately struggling to come across as clever, you’ve only succeeded in exposing yourself as the stuck-up, shallow person you really are.

    Basically, you already decided you didn’t like this band before you reviewed it, which is really childish. Perhaps a course in journalism might come in useful. Just a suggestion, although you probably wouldn’t possess the attention span to give it a go.

  14. Shit jake, I just came back to see if there were any comments and it looks as though a bunch of people got pissed, funny. About your comments… I didn’t suggest that you “like music because of its cool factor”. I just think that you are starting to use this site as a personal sounding board to air out “things I think suck”. And thats fine,just drop the tag line “rock and roll can change your life”, and change it to “Jake Brown: Trust me, Im really funny and let me tell you what sucks”. If you are going to make Glono a respectable music source, you would stop reviewing things like a four year old reviews his broccoli. Thats all. Buy and post your grunts there. Shit, don’t listen to me, Im just an industry pawn anyway…

  15. That was one of the worst reviews I have ever read. Man I would really consider doing something else with your, ahem, life…..

  16. a list of people who hate you: me and the millions and millions of fans that admire the foos as being the best band in the world.

  17. calm down its just someones opinion.If you reall disagreed with him then don’t write replys bitching about him because thats just gonna encourage it all!


    ok im not here to make anyone mad at me or whatever but i wanted to say that this review was not good nor accurate. I love how people like to call bands “main stream” just because they got big. I am one of the biggest Foo Fighter fans ever and I have to say that I have never looked at them as “main stream.” The great thing about the Foo is that they were a band that everyone had heard of but that not a lot of people actually really knew. They are starting to get big, there is no doubt about that but are you going to bag on them because they are amazing and people are finally noticing them? cause if you are that’s pretty dick! The Foo have worked hard and they deserve the fame that they have, no doubt. And for the record Dave and the rest of the guy’s didn’t make this CD to impress you!!!!!!! The guy’s worked hard on that CD for the fans. and when i say fans I mean the TRUE FOO FANS! Dave put in a lot of time and effort into this album, he worked his ass off to make an amazing CD and as far as im concernd HE DID IT!!!! To the FOO FIGHTERS(dave,nate,taylor and chris)…… guy’s are amazing! Kepp doing what your doing cause it’s so great. I love you and you are the greatest band in the world!!!!!!!(oh and don’t worry Dave… Nirvana is at the top of the list to! :-)) ok so those are my thoughts…. rock on fellow foo fans!

  19. You know, I actually like the Foo’s, and although I haven’t heard the new cd, I feel like hating it because of all these dinks reponding to this review. I didn’t realize it was wrong to have an opinion.

    My favorite comment so far:

    “I know you’re just trying to piss people off, because you can write a load of rubbish and get paid big bucks, so you don’t have shit all to do.”

    So how do I get on board that GloNo gravy train?

  20. Far be it for me to align myself with the bozos above… You know I love what you do, Jake – you’re funny as hell, especially when you’re drunk, but when posting a review – particularly a ‘major’ album like this, I think you should offer a little more serious critical insight. I’d like to see GloNo get some serious cred, and this isn’t gonna make it happen. Just my honest opinion.


    ps – were you drunk when you wrote it? :)

  21. since when does bill parcells, micjeal jordan, and shania twain listen to foo fighters. And i dobt betty ford is listening to the album. Kid get your head striaght. maybe all the songs sound the same cuase you pressing “repeat” on your stereo dumbass.

  22. Two words:



    If you don’t like it, that’s your opinion, but dude, that’s not a review. It’s a couple words you slapped together. Again:


  23. holy shit do people have to chill out. i hate this, but i’m gonna try to be a mediator here: stupid review? yes

    a review at all? not really

    a waste of time? probably

    a bunch of losers who should get a sense of humour? definitely

    so see, i agree with everybody.

  24. The Foo fighters aint all that, but the album aint free bad, but what a pants review!!! And shit what a waste of my lunch break!!!

  25. Regardless of how good or bad the latest Foo Fighters disc may be (for the record: it’s the first one I’m not inclined to obtain for myself) your review was not up to snuff. But you already know that.

  26. I don’t really know who the Foo Fighters are, but I heard their new song and was hoping that this guy could help describe or review the rest of the album for me. I’m kind of confused. So far, all I know is that it sounds like their older stuff, except it’s slicker.

  27. fucking sweet review, jake. i especially dug the reggie miller shout-out. beantown in the house! but i gotta say that the irate foo fighter fans did you one up on the chuckle-o-meter. who woulda thought?

  28. I’m not one to give a bloody knuckle about mainstream or not, but the Foo Fighters impressed me in the past, so I bought One by One

    Needless to say your review was very unhelpful and in short it blows goats, almost as much as the album does


  29. Someone explain to me who told “the other guy” in the Foo Fighters that he was famous? He is nobody. Grohl shows him what to play, and Grohl is somebody. So why is that clown always muggin’ like anyone cares who he is? The band should be called “Dave Grohl and the Bastards Lucky Enough to Be in His Decent Poprock Band.” Not something so inclusive as Foo Fighters, which implies there might be someone else besides Grohl involved.

  30. I don’t really agree with the review, I personaly don’t listen to the Foos a lot, but I’ve seen them in concert 2 times in festivals. I did enjoy the shows because of the energy that explodes on stage. I think this album succeed to recreate this energy. The only thing I bother is that there’s a lot of Stoner rifts… maybe some great ideas from the Queens’ ?

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