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Jack LoganJack Logan has recorded some of the best songs ever written, and many of them were released on his two-disc debut, Bulk, in 1994. The legend is that Logan was a swimming pool motor mechanic/comic book artist living in Georgia and casually recording songs with his buddies in his living room, when all of a sudden, one of the guys from REM heard about the songs, and the next thing you know, a guy at a record label is sifting through over 600 of Logan’s songs, trying to figure out which 42 to release…

Several albums later, Jack Logan is still writing and recording songs with his pals, and now he has teamed up with athensmusic.net to create the Jack Logan and the Monday Night Recorders Singles Club, where you can download a new song each month.

The back story, according to the site:

Anyway, Logan recently started getting together with a rotating group of these friends as the Monday Night Recorders, which includes members of various bands around Athens such as The Possibilities, Drive-By Truckers, Dashboard Saviors, Lona and others. They started playing around and then recording the results. This Monday night four/eight track recording club suddenly had over 3 CD-Rs of material getting passed around.

So Logan had an idea and came to us. We thought it was a great one.

Every month, he’ll pick a song from recent recordings and we’ll make it available for download for free on Athensmusic.net. Logan will even create some artwork for the song (such as the one to the above left) and provide some background information about the players and the lyrics. So check back every month for a free and exclusive new recording from Logan and who knows who else’ll show up. It’s kicking off in August 2003 and going until we go belly up or Jack loses his inner muse.

This month’s song is called “Scared Man Hiding in the Woods,” and it’s definitely worth downloading.

Trivia: In 1996, Jack Logan was officially commended by the State of Georgia. How cool is that?

4 thoughts on “Jack Logan Singles Club”

  1. Good to see Logan is still at it. I saw him here in Louisville a few years back and he put on a helluva show for about 18 people. He didn’t let the small audience get him down. He was a cool guy too; he sat around talking and drinking a few beers before his set.

  2. I remember when Jack Logan got married and had a kid with one of my best friends… it was ginger, obviously. ACTUALLY, FUNNILY ENOUGH, I’m sitting right next to him now. Crazy, crazy times….

    ‘OI, Jack Logan, budge over!’…. that’s what I just said to him.

    Ahh gingers.. what heroes. LOVE ‘EM.


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