Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine

Kings of LeonHoly Roller Novocaine (RCA)

Go ahead. Light up that doobie and sit back. Kings of Leon are here to set the mood with great porch listening music. Great vocals from Caleb Followill will remind you of those warm Pabsts you used to sneak a sip from while dad was talking to your Uncle Denny. It’s not quite retro since it’s tightly produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams and son of legendary producer Glyn), but it is reminiscent of those mid 70s radio days when Neil Young and America were side-by-side with Skynyrd and everyone wore those beer can macramé hats.

Songs about chicks and California get me in a mind for summer and as long as there’s a war raging a little Novocaine doesn’t sound too bad.

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