My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves

My Morning JacketIt Still Moves (ATO)

Listening to Kentucky quintet My Morning Jacket’s It Still Moves feels like floating over vast fields of waving grain while being blinded by the strong rays of the South.

It’s a tiring voyage. Only the true faithful remain to the end of the album’s 75 minutes. But the songs are worth it, long-players that seamlessly slide from one arrangement to another and force their way through a wall of reverb to emerge in the clouds. Between the down-home guitar licks and soaring vocals, correlations to a more sophisticated Skynyrd aren’t too far off.

“Mahgeeta” opens with dreamy guitar interplay, before Jim James’ voice rides the song into space. It is one of the album’s highlights alongside “Golden,” which is carried through in large part to its wistful finger-picked lead and defeated vocals; and “I Will Sing You Songs,” a 9-minute wilting classic that drags the listener through its struggles and comes away stronger because of it.

The production is sure to be a complaint with many. If My Morning Jacket cleared the production values and emphasized the arrangements and vocals, It Still Moves might be the band’s defining moment. Still, the songs are strong enough to carry their weight, and on moments where the band breaks through the hazy atmosphere that pervades the record and comes correct, such as the opening pattern of “Golden,” things couldn’t get any better.

You can download “One Big Holiday” via Insound, and a couple of their indie label songs via Epitonic.

9 thoughts on “My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves”

  1. Sorry we missed your deadline, Anonymous.

    You know back in the day, there was a fanzine that published 26 issues and then folded. Each issue covered one letter of the alphabet and reviewed artists whose name started with that letter. It was a way to take a step away from the marketing hype that goes into promoting an album for those first-week sales.

    The reviewers at Glorious Noise can take as long as they need to fully digest an album. Your patience will be rewarded.

  2. Very good album but I was hoping for great. At Dawn I think is an amazing record. And I am soon to buy Tennesee Fire, the debut album. Agree with the reviewer that it’s a little indulgent at 75 mins, but I think it’s a good thing they are controlling their sound and production, even if it is a bit murky (and echo-ey!) at times.

  3. I love this cd! I’d never heard this band before I bought it after a positive mention somewhere on here. I’ve been listening to it almost daily since I got it about a month ago. It’s my cd of the year. Yeah, it’s nice and long, and with every listen I get a little more.

  4. Hey-o, thankfully we’re not all created equal and that’s what keeps life interesting. I thought this album absolutely stunk. Hated it so much that this and the new BRMC are the only cds that I’ve sold back this year. Glad you like it though, I have a feeling I’m in the minority.

  5. I think the dude’s voice sounds a little like Molly Hatchet. I’m not sold on this album, although I hear that it’s best when played barn-rattling loud.

  6. wow…i love these guys. but…i will say that part of that love was borne out of their live shows. give ’em a shot.

  7. “although I hear that it’s best when played barn-rattling loud.”

    And while you’re getting drunk by yourself.

  8. Haven’t yet seen them live – but will make damn sure I do. The singer, Jim James, has a naivety about him, it’s part of the charm. I think they will be judged well in future years. Cult status ensured.

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