t.A.T.u. & 2003: The Year That Junk Broke?

Nelly’s “Hot In Herre” was the jam in 2002. But where was the payoff? Even with its delightfully crass XXX shout-out, the track ultimately failed: No one actually followed Nelly’s advice and disrobed. 2002 was another year in which the gates of the standards of decency were tested and strained by battering rams like Nelly and his heathens, only to successfully absorb the blows. “NYPD Blue” continued to present their curious, one-buttock form of nudity. MTV’s “Real Word” cast embraced Vegas (and each other) to the fullest, but their cameras still crept coyly away before any money shots could be fired across the network’s starboard bow. Even Playboy Magazine, bastion of the bawdy, grudgingly admitted that gentlemanly taste has moved from the boardroom to the locker room. Hef picked up the towel that Marilyn Monroe dropped in 1953 and threw it into the Lad’s Magazine restroom, where it landed on a mildewy stack of Maxim, FHM, and Stuffs across from the toilet bowl. And on the cover of each rag was Christina Aguilera doing her best PG-13. Because that’s what 2002 really was — PG-13 wrapped up in NC-17’s bedsheets.

But what will John Ashcroft do with Julie Volkova and Lena Katina? Having spent 2002 spreading the love throughout their native Russia and Europe, the women of t.A.T.u. will now try to straddle America in 2003.

It’s not about their music, a boring amalgam of Eurohouse and guitar posturing that approximates a warped Blondie LP with KY Jelly spilled all over it. No, t.A.T.u. is tits n’ ass, straight up. The difference is in the presentation. Volkova and Katina have hearts aflutter over their apparent lesbian relationship, the trials of which are detailed in their debut single, “All The Things She Said.” The accompanying video clip updates Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby (One More Time),” complete with schoolgirl outfits for t.A.T.u.’s principles. Remember, this is 2003, not 1998. “All The Things” depicts the duo as pariahs, separated from “society” by an iron fence. As the rain pours down on their, ahem, lacy white tops, Volkova and Katina make out in full view of the umbrella’d paragons who launch awkward eyes from beyond the fence. “Feeling cornered and rushed,” they sing. “They say it’s my fault but I want her so much.” The video ends with the t.A.T.u. two hand in hand, walking into the sunset. PG-13, it isn’t.

Girls kissingOr is it? Despite all the spit-swapping, the alleged Sapphic relationship at the heart of t.A.T.u. is probably just lip service. “Everybody thinks we are lesbians,” Katina tells MTV News. “But we just love each other.” Which is likely double-speak straight from the mouth of Ivan Shapovalov, the girls’ manager and Russia’s answer to Andrew Loog Oldham, Kim Fowley, Lou Pearlman, and Max Martin. Shapovalov — the advertising exec and ex-psychologist — has followed the formulas of the former svengalis above to the letter. The addition of lesbian trickery to the Fantasy Island that is t.A.T.u. may or may not be Shapovalov’s doing, but it certainly creates the kind of controversy required to sell shitty Russian pop to heavy walleted American teenagers.

t.A.T.u. is only one example of the berserkers that will storm the walls of the Conservative Castle in 2003. It wasn’t surprising that New York’s Electroclash movement didn’t take the turnpike to the heart of America. But the inherent bootyliciousness in the genre’s crass warfare has not gone unnoticed. Fischerspooner found its way onto Capitol Records (#1 will be released February 25), and Peaches — she of the classic bombtrack “Fuck The Pain Away” — recently toured with Queens of the Stone Age. Staying in NYC, the Big Apple’s Princess Superstar released the single “Fuck Me On The Dancefloor” late last year — and currently appears in a national print spread for Levi’s Type 1 Jeans. The vanishing point uniting blatant sexuality with mainstream culture always seems to be on the horizon; 2003 might be the year it breaks through. Because sex — not simply sexyness — is selling better than ever. (Just ask Ivan Shapolvalov through a haze of expensive cigar smoke.) How long before “NYPD Blue” kicks the door all the way in and admits that the human ass contains two cheeks?


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  1. Wow. Silence in response to this article. Not too surprising actually as TATU aren’t exactly in the GN demographics… Johnny rightly points out that this takes the whole titillation thing to the next level. TATU have been a revelation in Europe but I’m not too sure that they’re going to be able to successfully take their shtick to the US. They’ve been playing EU shows in their underwear- that’s a 17 and 18 year old in panties and sheer tank-tops on stage with no errrr… support. The US will tear them apart for the faux lesbianism- I’m surprised Jane ran the article they did on the duo. The backlash from the gay community could be huge. Should be fun to see if their svengali can coach them through the damage control press conference the way he has through their funny (as in laughing at them) current interviews. Finally, their music is not Kylie catchy but Christina weak. In any case, I’m a big fan. Good luck to the girls. -Shamus

  2. Hello there, I am the leader of an online group called Curry World Order (got the idea from the New World Order for you fellow wrestling fans out there), and we’re just a normal group of teenagers that just mind their own business, hang around, chat, post on forums etc.

    Now, on WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), there is a female wrestler called “Victoria”. Her entrance music is “All The Things She Said” by t.A.T.u. I kind of liked the song at first, and I downloaded it. Then my friend Steve told me some background on t.A.T.u, about how they’re aparently lesbians etc, and I didn’t really mind.

    Then I looked at http://www.tatu.us and read some more about them. And Steve told me some more stuff (He knows alot, his information is usually right) and aparently when they’re old enough, the t.A.T.u girls want to pose for playboy. Well they were in the front of the “Sex Edition” of Mixer Magazine, so that kind of says something doesn’t it?

    Anyway, the thing that disgusts me the most, is that they’re basicly making money from their sexuality, and not their music. Because their music is total filth when you think about it, their songs are like, the more you listen to them, the crappier they get. They have no talent at all, they just use synthisisers and electronics and stuff to make their music and edit their voices.

    And the thing is, they may not be even lesbians, so they’re basicly just using that to make money, not their music. It disgusts me, and I think all the fans should be ashamed of themselves. It’s THEM who seem to know nothing about the group, not the haters.

    My 2 Cents…

    cWo 4 LiFe!

  3. It’s really funny. I first saw “All the things she said” on one of the music channels, and being male, strived to find it again to see the ‘talented’ musicians…

    After seeing the video a couple of times I decided to see what else they had done. Internet yielded a few other tunes, “Nas ne Dognoyat”- (they are not gonna catch us) was one of the more catchy ones. Most of their songs are in Russian, and they sound better that way. Some how less tacky – maybe it’s because I can’t understand. Yet.

    Then I strayed towards the Forums that scary little teens facinated by how little they know about Taty start up. (Half of their marketing power is due to how little the Taty girls are allowed to say to interviewers.) Oh dear, some people really need help. THEN I read on other not so friendly sites that this Ivan Shapolvalov dude really doesn’t give two flying monkeys about the girls. Found myself laughing out loud the way people have torn this ‘group’ limb from limb. I read somewhere, some other interview, that the girls aren’t allowed to do anything. For example: Write their own music; Wear what they like; See their own family etc. Good old contract, sign your life away. Such hell raisers and causers of controversy now, eh? Maybe not…

    I think it’s quite sad that people like Ivan can get away with abusing his power. Scary really as it happens all the time. Also heard that Universal has bought the girls (dunno how true that is) so more “don’t do this, that..” They then have changed the name ‘Taty’ to ‘t.A.T.u’. I THINK it now stands for “teens against tabacco use”. Dude some people need kicking.

    But Shapolvalov still owns the Taty name, and is gonna do it all over again! What a champ/chump! Mind you he’s got it right, just look at us all talking like we all know stuff. Dunno what stuff, but hey.

    Scary thing is, I’m now learning Russian.

  4. t.A.T.u.’s message is to be yourself. And they are. I mean most people wouldn’t make out in public or wear underwear in public. And most definitly wouldn’t make out on music videos to be shown all over countries. I think their music is very good and it gives a good message if you ignore all the lesbianism in it. I think all who don’t like them are mainly narrow-minded. I am a fan!

  5. Really enjoyed your analysis of 2002, but when will junk really break? Will this year be the year of the areola? If so, is Kelly Osbournes exposed nipple going to break around 2005?

    And if THAT is so…will we see Marilyn Mansons shriveled nutsack in 2008? Tell me Johnny, where does it all start?

  6. If we ever get to see Marilyn Manson’s nutsack, I bet $5 it will be all smooth, with no wrinkles, and very shiny.

  7. Folks, this is all about freedom and love! It comes in different forms, doesn’t it? Let’s agree to disagree, but not fight over it. Open your hearts and enjoy the music!

  8. You pansies. It’s not about love, it’s about money, that’s what t.A.T.u is about, they don’t give a damn about love or the fans, they’re doing what their manager is telling them to do, and they do it to make money. You mainstreamers are sucked in majorly.

  9. Who cares if they do it for the money? Their music is awesome. They have great voices, and they CAN sing live. All successful artists appreciate the money, or else they’d do it for free. I really don’t care how the music is made, or how different the girls of Tatu really are, I like their image whether it’s really them or not. Just face it, anyone can act like someone they aren’t, even your friends and favorite artists. Mainstream is an overused word, since those who are anti-mainstream have become mainstream.

  10. When I first heard tATu I went into a little trace.Its like, wow, thats how I feel. Like im being pushed around and I cant be myself. Seince i’ve heard the song i’ve been trying to think of ways I can make people see me for me. Thanks!

  11. wow, this is weird, I hear their single today on a chicago radio station, download their songs, russian and english, thank god I can understand both because the russian versions sound better and make allot more sense. their situation sounds allot like what that pearlman guy did to N’Sync and Backstreet boys. to tell the truth, if I could get a hit record and fame just for my image I’d actually do it since me and my buddys have been making music (rap in enlish and russian) almost a year now and haven’t got one response from one record company, we’ve made like 3 demo’s already. but whatever…I never actually counted on making showbiz a way of making a living. it sux though, I read here:http://www.taty.universalmusic.ru/eng/biography.htm that they realy are kind of like slaves to their manager…but thats what record sales requires in this plane of existense we call life.

  12. I was watching MTV the other day and saw the video of “All the things she said.” At first I thought it was British, since “200 kph” sounds British and they do travel in the wrong lane (on the left side of the road, that is). When I went to the net and found that the biggest Russian foray into the American music scene since the time of Tchaikovsky was accomplished by girls who pretend to be lesbians, I was disgusted. But wait, this is Russia, the country that brings you the stripping news anchor and the steady stream of mail-order brides. I guess these girls got a bad contract or something, which sucks. If you think about it, with their beautiful feminine voices, they can make on Russia’s “estrada”, which sad as it is, does not receive any international attention outside the immigrant outposts on Brighton and in Israel. So what they did was translate their music into English, which is a shame truly because it sounds better in Russian and the translation in no way resembles the original Russian lyrics (well maybe a little here and there). And it seems that Russian gay artists (or pretend gay) apologize to their parents in their songs (…mama, papa, prosti). I’m also thinking of Boris Moiseev (openly gay Belarus dance/Russian-language singer) who has a song “Prosti menya mama.” This is the guy that brought you “Golubaya Luna.” Anyway, Lena and Yulia might be apologizing to their parents for the embarassment this whole shpiel has caused them. I don’t think they seem them that often now that they’re traveling all over the world. And they’re university students too! It seems the whole lesbian charade was put on to get listeners, but their music is good as it is (well it’s catchy at the least).

  13. it seems that most russian pop that makes it overseas to the US is highly controlled by managment, an example other than Tatu is the “rapper” detsl, he’s the target of allot of my group’s raps lol. on the topic of Tatu though, their russian recordings are allot more smoother and sound more natural, their english voices sound fake and emotionless. I swear…if I had the money to start a label the first two acts I’d bring over would be my own ofcourse and tatu’s. we’ve got everything but a label to back us; recording studio, cd’s, street crew.

  14. Im at an impass. I just started listening to them and I was like WOW i love them. Then i started to do some digging and found out that they are all made up. That Manager made them for head to toe. I was so upset… After reading stuff here and there it became so clean what he was doing. Everything you need to sell records. Sex, Catchy tones, and beautiful girls.Eventhough i know they are all made up i can’t stop listening to there music. And by the way the Russian version sounds so much better and i don’t even know russian.(i wish i did). Of course the girls are so hot! Juila is so cute!But I didn’t even know what they look like when i wanted to buy the CD. I heard it over the radio and i was blown away with “All the things she said” song. I think what im tring to say is that I can’t help myself falling into the “mainstream” group. Ivan has done his homework and doing a good job at it im afraid to say it.

  15. Know what you mean Jason. It’s annoying to be classed as the “mainstream group”, but it’s inevitable. As I said earlier, I’m learning Russian now. Just can’t help thinking why – maybe to understand Taty’s Russian songs better…

    And there is now all this news of Yulia having throat problems and being addmitted to hospital, further putting off their tour of the UK. I feel sorry for them in all honesty, and I’d love to them succeed away from Ivan Sharkolov.

  16. Regarding TATU, bottom line is I like music and

    “all the things she said” is a good solid catchy

    melodic pop song that works. Forget the angle. Why

    was Madonna an angel with her approach? The song is a winner and that’s obvious.

  17. I like their music! Im happy that a group from our country is popular around the world now! But they should improve their accent!!!!!They d better sing in russian…

  18. The “All the things” video caught my attention on rotation through the yahoo launch website. (Watch one, and then others start cycling through.)

    First impression was that they were another teen group milking the “hey we’re sexy catholic schoolgirls, buy our stuff!” Of course they have lust appeal, so I watched it a couple of times. (I watched Britney videos for the same reason.)

    Their “message” didn’t really make an impression until after visiting their official website, where I found out their nationality. Suddenly the my whole impression went from “we’re just riding the teen sex appeal bandwagon,” to “this is our only chance at a mealticket” in the harsh economy of Russia. As long as young girls appeal to men, acts like this will appeal to the world marketing machine.

    Seriously though, Russia has huge governmental, economic, and organized crime problems, and a girl/woman shouldn’t be blamed for doing whatever she can to find success. The society is well known for their exploitation of women and children -just look at their child porn crisis.

    Their image is what sells quick to teen girls looking for an idol, and boys looking for a fix… but, those girls must put a lot of hard work into the mix, just to make the performance worth watching.

    Like most ‘child superstars’ they’ll probably be matured by their experiences in the worst way. Perhaps when they’ve tired of their exploitive situation, they’ll take their families out of Russia and settle in another european country for a better chance at an equitable career.

    I wish those two girls the best, and will enjoy the show in the meantime.

  19. Êîíå÷íî ìû âñå òóò íåáëàãîïîëó÷íûå(ïî çàïàäíûì ìåðêàì)!!!!!! Íî Òàòó íèêîãäà íå óåäóò îòñþäà, èç Ðîññèè.Äåíüãè äëÿ ðóññêèõ íå ãëàâíîå, â îòëè÷èå îò àìåðèêàíöåâ…Äåâî÷êàì íóæíî áûëî âíèìàíèå è òî, ÷òîáû èõ çàìåòèëè!!! Âû íå óñëûøèòå ìíîãî õîðîøåé ìóçûêè èç çà ÿçûêîâîãî áàðüåðà! Åñëè á íå ýòà óëîâêà ñ ëåñáèÿíêàìè, òî íèêòî áû íå ïðåäëîæèë èì êîíòðàêò.Òàê ÷òî ñêàæèòå ñïàñèáî Èâàíó …

  20. & 1 more thing:

    “to sell shitty Russian pop to heavy walleted American teenagers”c)JL

    Does that mean that these teenagers have perfect music taste & Ivan & girls are trying to spoil it???????????

    But I think that most of the stuff usa teens listen to is shit in itself!! Rap & country .Thats the usa is all about!As 4 Britney, nsinc & others.. Cmon, songs for them are written by songwriters from Sweden…I hope that someday ‘heavy walleted American teenagers’

    will listen to more different music & not only english-speaking…

    Spasibo za vnimaniye!!!

  21. Well, I am co-admin of TatySite.Net, one of the biggest Tatu fansites. And let me tell you, even though Tatu get so many bad reviews, they still get #1 spots around the world! Interesting, isn’t it…

  22. I wonder if there would even be a discussion now if we had heard the Russian version (over here in the U.S.) first, and if we hadn’t seen the video.

    The music, obviously, is quite catchy and I bet the “dance” versions of t.a.t.u.’s other songs would be used in shows without caring what the lyrics talk about.

    As for the topic of lesbianism, I don’t think “all the things she said” is the most controversial video that they have. Some of their “live” (with playback) performances show them in more… er… compromising positions than “all the…” Besides, to me, it’s not the kiss scenes in themselves that should be analyzed, but their image of 15-year-olds who kiss and appear sometimes almost naked in photographs and videos. (Down boys, most of them are now unavailable). In the UK they have described their “art” as pedophilic pop (which I can see has some kind of fundament) and THAT is what’s really disgusting.

    In reality, Julia and Lena have their respective boyfriends named P..something and Mikhail. One of the girls has even declared that she is heterosexual. (According to an Italian website)And with regard to this I agree with the person who previously commented that these girls might be doing all this acting for economic benefits either for them or for their families. In some instances you can see that Lena (the redhaired one) really seems pissed when the other one puts her head on her shoulder or does something like that as if she were told to do that.

    As for talent, it seems to be true that both girls have gone to school to receive education in music. And Russians are famous for the effort they put into studying and practicing (i.e. ballet dancers, gymmnasts, intellectuals, etc.) Moreover, there is a video that shows Julia playing the piano quite well. And although their voices can’t be truly examined (with regards to technique, and other elements) due to the electronic editing that the songs have, it seems that they have good voices. I wouldn’t be sure enough to say that they are trained voices because, to me, the laryngitis that Julia has(d) is a consequence of a bad singing technique. In other words, you don’t master your voice, you ruin your voice.

    In conclusion, eventually the group is going to run out of things that they can do to shock the public; just like Marylin Manson or Eminem.

    And people will resort to the only solution they know very well… switch the channel.

    P.S.: I really like the music, especially the remixes in Russian.

  23. I liked tatu’s music before I knew they were lesbians!!!! lol *** Image had nothing to do with why I started to listen to the band but, it did make me obsessed with it.

  24. They actually started up way back in the year 1999 – that’s right, when they were just 14. So in Moscow they’ve been lapping up their records for years. In London, we are constantly bombarded by dreadful manufactured pop. This music is far, far better than 90% of contemporary UK or US rubbish. Plus Russian girls are ALWAYS sexy. And of course thy’re not lesbians. They have boyfriends back in Moscow. Well they probably like kissing each other and I’m perfectly happy with that. What I am not happy about is people preaching that this is “paedo-pop.”


  26. Personally, I think lots of teenagers experiment these days, and girls have always been more comfortable with each other than guys. I think the girls probably are close friends, who are comfortable enough with each other to hold hands and kiss. They like the reaction, and maybe they are in that grey area.. Not gay and not turned on by women but they say they ‘love’ each other and tehy probably like to exzpress it. To sum it up, thyre strange. Clearly they suffer from dysfunctional homes. I believe them to be hetero but um open or maybe even bi. But I dont think they are lesbians nor do I believe they are just trying to sell records to old guys. That notion is ridiculous. TOld guys will just watch the video or rent a porno, the majority wont attend concerts or buy CDs. However, this could be the management’s idea. They probably have boyfriends, maybe have struggled with their identity. I DO think it is disgusting the way they are photographed. They are practically babies. One is only 15. Can’t even drive yet. Sick. And of course, if they were lesbians, thatd be sick as well. But yeh the “All the Things She Said” is a good song with interesting lyrics.

  27. i actually know that the girls are wonderfull people and that there in it because they like singing, ok so alot of people dont like there music but for the ones that do thank you i know they love you for it.

  28. Ivan got the idea for Tatu from watching Child Pornography, you stupid idiots. Ivan, Lena and Julia are sick perverted freaks. They don’t promote love, they promote sex. I’ve seen clips of them live, and all they do while they sing is touch, grope and slap their asses. It’s disgusting. It’s not the fact they are lesbians, it’s the fact that they’re mixing sexuality with music, which is wrong.

  29. The music I have heard so far is interesting. At least the accents and lyrics make it different to a lot of the plastic music we have these days. I would think that most people will listen to the music on radio or CD so what they wear is only to get the foot in the door. Hmm. Can’t think of a female act that hasn’t used sex to sell…

    Idea is from porn? Porn isn’t needed for someone to know that sex sells. It’s a somewhat old concept.

    Mixing sexuality with music is wrong? Music is often used to tell a story (therefore why should sexuality be omitted) or for dance, which in most forms is a courting or sexually oriented display!

    As long as the girls are happy with what they do it doens’t bother me. I am not harmed by them and I teach my daughters about what and why this sort of thing happens (sex used to sell almost anything) and they seem perfectly capable of coping.

  30. Me, personaly, I love their music. I have the english and Russian version. I’ll admit i was a bit dissapointed that they aren’t lesbians, but thats not what got me hooked. Its their music. Actors portray many different characters for movies and tv, why should a singer or singers be criticized for acting, if actors try to sing? As for mixing sex with music, where the hell have you been Curry??? Most music is about sex or love, do you not see the rap videos with girls boobs hanging out everywhere??? Its a common thing now and days. AND since you are a fan of the WWE I’m sure you know that wrestling is FAKE, that the people are just acting??? Maybe you didnt notice that the female wrestlers use sex to sell their image. Why say all this stuff about being in “mainstream” and being pathetic if you do the same shit. Its not cool to be hypocritical. I mean you even got the idea of your name from the WWE. So before you critisize people for supporting a fake, mainstream, sex filled group, take a look at yourself; you support probably the biggest mainstream FAKE sex filled organization that there is. I’m sure your excuse will be “but i like them” or “but they’re cool and not gay”, hey guess what, so is tatu.


  31. I got a 1991 jeep wrangler, and man this thing kicks ass! I took my bikes out the other…. ummm wrong forum. Oh and Tatu will have headlines with media rumors soon, watch and see.

  32. Ok first of all. Dont diss the lesbinism walaki. I get very offended quickly so please make sure that when you talk about some peoples “preference” dont say Lesbinism. it just hits a nerve in my book



    P.s-Oh yeah if you havent noticed i’m bisecual so i take a offence!!

    Lena And Julia’s Quote:

    “Tatu is about saying what you feel, not what others expect. Be in Love. Be yourself. We are”

  33. The most important thing is what gets put on the compact disc. All the other stuff is meaningless. On this score, Tatu do just fine, sonically one of the more interesting things to come out in the US recently. “All the Things She Said” is a pretty good translation of “Ya soshla s uma”. It can’t be word-for-word, since English and Russian are only distantly related languages. Even songs translated from Dutch, French, and German (the three closest languages to English) have to be reworked. The translators, I think, did a very good job; the real test of the quality of a translation is whether it makes sense in the target language, and how well it relates the concepts expressed in the original.

    As far as the management angle, I have to give Ivan Shapovalov a tip of the cap, since he came up with an image to push everybody’s buttons. Of course, he was originally trained as a psychologist. You have to give him points for originality, since no one else has come up with the “lipstick-lesbian Lolita” angle. Maybe only a Russian could come up with that one; remember “that book by Nabokov”? (all apologies to The Police)

    Still, if the music really and truly sucked, no amount of image manipulation and force-feeding would sustain them for very long. We’ll have to see if a 2nd album is eventually forthcoming. Probably will be, since they sold around a half million legal copies in Russia (and an estimated 4 times that many illegal ones). If that’s worth hearing, people will buy, and the duo will continue until something else gives over. If not, that’ll be the end of them.

    On reviewing the first comment, on their being torn apart for the faux lesbianism in the US, I seem to have heard that first Jay Leno (or NBC suits, one) wasn’t too happy about their kissing on the “Tonight Show” (which was edited out before transmission; he really should have been ticked when a so-inspired Arsenio Hall planted him one on the lips, which WAS transmitted; that, and the “Fuck War” t-shirts, which I believe are technically illegal to have shown on US TV, even at past 11 Central time, and even in Russian; maybe “khui” has a slightly less pungent translation, maybe it doesn’t matter); I now hear that Jimmy Kimmel is pissed because they DIDN’T kiss on his show. No mention of that on the Tatu website, by the way. Nothing yet from the lesbian media…and whatever they say will mean more sales.

    On some other comments, at least Elena (I think) has already been photographed nude…at about age 5-6, taken apparently on a day at the beach. The photo was put into the original video for “Nas nye dogonyat”. THAT will have been edited out for the “Not Gonna Get Us” video, since there is NO WAY IN HELL any US station will broadcast THAT sort of picture. (Even though it’s not necessarily titillating even of itself, except for the small minority in the country whose proclivities bend that way; of course, given it’s one of the Tatu girls…context is everything.) By the way, the video is kind of like “Thelma and Louise” on snow, in a tanker truck. Various old family and school pictures are cut in at several points, and open with the girls getting mug shots. Elena is apparently 157 cm tall, Yulia is 152 cm. (That’s assuming the height marks are correct. That would translate to 5’2″ for Elena, and just a shade under 5′ for Yulia…seems about right…)

    Just my 10¢ (my 2¢ is free, and would have been shorter)…

  34. I really don’t understand what’s the big deal about that kiss. I mean, you can see two gays kissing in Christina Aguillera’s video for “Beautiful”, yet I haven’t heard it has been censored on any TV broadcasting it. And THAT kiss WAS NOT innocent at all! But still, t.A.T.u girls are being attacked and banned all over the world. I was watching Hitlist Uk for today and noticed that there is no t.A.T.u at all! Yesterday they were #3! And Christina Aguillera is still No.1! Who cares if they are lesbians or not, and if they’re making money of it? If they’re not and if it’s all work of their producer, I can only congratulate him. He made them famous and rich. I wish I had a producer like that! Besides, they would never made it at all if their music sucked!

  35. to the person who said lesbians should burn in hell: KISS MY PAIL WHITE A$$!!!!!!!, my best friend is a lesbian, and she’s one of the coolest people i know, if anyone will burn in hell it will be you for being so fucking judgmental, to talk about hell is to invoke thoughts about religion, most religions teach understanding and forgiveness, two admirable traits you do not posses. lesbians burn in hell? i’ll let the almighty be the judge of that, for he truly is the final judge.


    P.s. in case you’re wondering, I’m not gay, but my personal preferences are not part of this issue, the fact that you are a close minded a$$ hole is, so go phuck yourself!

  36. i cant believe that so many people are making such a big deal about tatu being or not being lesbians. it doesnt matter. You cant tell me that if you were living in poverty you wouldnt do what ever it took to make some $$$. Either way im a fan i love their music and the message behind it..

    ps to the ass that hates lesbians im bisexual and i think you gotta learn to deal with it,nobody likes a homophobic

  37. I don’t think anyone should be dissing TATU because i personally think they have a great job: they travel the world, get to express themselves through song, hang out with their best frined all day AND they get paid to do so! Now i dont know about u guys, but that seems like a pretty sweet deal even if u have to pash every now and then for the cameras.

    Remember music is the key

  38. You guys who don’t think part of why we need woman is because they are beautiful and very attractive are so stupid you need to grow up and grow some real balls. Women are intelligent, interesting AND attractive human beings in general. And no just for your information, the only reason I ever got to be a fan in the first place was because their music is 90times more energetic and rythmic than 99% of all the crap that is put out by at least the US pop scene, and in general nearly every genere of music. And I have to straight up agree with those who think the Russian versions of the songs sound that much better. They are the original versions of both the songs. So long as they make another label with music that is on par or even better than this album if possible, I will be happy. And yeah, my belief is people rip on groups that use sex and attraction to sell, to try to sound intelligent when they have no clue what they are talking about. You think these two young women are stupid? Give them a little credit.

  39. oogh… im so in love with them… im trying to learn the russian language so i can marry.. well sorta marry.. julia.. i think htey are also talented, seriously. and i like their music. its so catchy! well looks like russian pop is way better than us pop- i hate the crap thats put out here in the states.

  40. Joe you fucking idiot, I didn’t get my name from WWE, I made it up, you stupid fucking idiot. And WWE, those performers don’t do what they do for money, they do it to entertain. Tatu do it for money, because they’re just slaves. They have threesomes with Ivan Shapovalov all the time, and lots of other sick things, just for money. You’re all stupid fucking idiots. Tatu don’t do it for the music, they do it for the money, since they come from a poor background.

    Look people, you should be listening to Evanscence, where there’s a chick with GOOD vocal skills.

  41. Curry if you think that WWE wrestlers are out there just for entertainment then you are just being nieve! Of course they are doing it for the money!!! Get a clue! I think that Tatu is awesome and if they ever happen to read this I hope they hear the sincerity in it. They are young, they are beautiful, and quite frankly they don’t give a shit about what people think. They have pursued a career that they’ve dreamed of and who are we all to judge who’s dreams are shit and who’s aren’t. Lesbians or not it doesn’t fuckin matter, homosexuality has been around for decades! It’s about damn time that the world stops hiding from it and sees that it’s there and not going to change because it’s controversial! Being an American woman I have to say that America is rediculous! We accept things like the death penalty, animal testing, and abortion(things that are labeled “a choice”), but when it comes to someones sexual preference(something that makes a person who they are without having a choice) it’s not to be spoken of. That to me is rediculous! We have all been given the greatest gift in the world and that’s freewill and Tatu is a great example of women expressing their God given freewill!! What they do off stage and behind the cameras is their own buisiness and if they choose to make out of stage portraying lesbians I say way to go! If they are using sex to sell their music and make money, well what artist now a days isn’t?? These girls are hot and well if you got it you might as well use it and if you can make money and sell records at the same time well that just an added bonus! Their album is fantastic and filled with emotion that can’t be acted. I agree that the Russian versions are better on an emotion scale, but I kind of need the english to know what in the world they are being so emotional about. I’m teaching myself Russian, it’s a very slow process, so I too can one day sort of marry Julia, so Lori you have some competition!

  42. Umm…they’re not hot, they use ALOT of makeup.

    And you don’t know the wrestling business, so shut up about that ok? Alot of wrestlers do it for the fans and the respect, especially the old school wrestlers. I know I would, otherwise why would wrestlers bother being in the low paying money leagues?

    By the way, Tatu are only doing this so they can pose in magazines. They’ve been in the Sex Issue of Mixer Magazine, and Australian People (A Porn magazine where people send in their photos). What does that have to say? They don’t have it, they made it, it’s all fake. Hell, they’re 18 year olds for god sake, they have old men jacking off over them. The funny thing is, I’m younger than them and I’m half a foot taller than them, maybe even more.

    Listen, I’ve done alot of research on these sluts, I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a die-hard wrestling fan, so don’t try and say shit about that either, because you’ll just be wrong.

    Another thing, all that “emotion” on the CD IS acted. They don’t really love each other, they’re acting the whole thing out. I did a better performance in drama class with a girl than those two sluts ever could, so shove that in your clit pipe and smoke it, ya stupid dykes.

    (And no, I’m not homophobic. I mean, Tatu aren’t gay, so I can’t be).

  43. shove it u dumb fuck. If you weren’t a homophob. then you wouldn’t be calling people dykes now would you.You think you’re all that,but lets face it,you a insacure little loser that doesnt now one thing from another. Wrestling isnt about entertainment its a way to make money,and if by chance it may entertain a few great.But hey Wrestlers need to make money too. Music is a way to express ones self and a way to let others know how you are feeling. And if you can make money doing that than great. Oh and no one is perfect and almost every female wears make up now a days, but make up is like clothes it can only help enhance what you already have. Tatu is fuckin hot and just cause they are short doesnt mean shit,short chicks are hot,hey i would know im 5’2 and fuck sexy. So before you start blabbin ya mouth about shit and people, remember its just as easy for someone to say shit about you. But hey your probibly just jelious cause Yulia and Lena can get a hell of alot more girls than you.

  44. Curry, I’m sure that sex is something that you haven’t fully come to grasps with yet seeing is you probably haven’t hit sexual maturity yet. So why don’t you do us all a favor and come back when you understand the concept of love and the emotion that comes with it. Something you need to understand is that many things can be filled with emotion. They are in the movies and TV shows that people watch, they make us laugh, scared, cry, and angry all that the same time. We fall in love with the characters on screen, so what I’m getting at is why aren’t musical artists allowed to do the same. Your opinion isn’t going to change everyone else’s feelings for the things that they enjoy, so stop trying to. I love Tatu and their music. They are hot and quite refreshing compared to a lot of the shit out there now a days. Love shouldn’t have the side chain of being gay, lesbian, bi or straight it should just be looked at for what it is, flat out and straight forward, LOVE!

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