The Raveonettes – Whip It On

The Raveonettes - Whip It OnThe RaveonettesWhip It On

Now you can hear what the soundtrack to the zombie movie in my head sounds like. Imagine the Jesus and Mary Chain playing surf music. The Raveonettes have the reverby, unemotional vocals and the distorted guitars. This is good stuff. And they’re from Denmark.

4 thoughts on “The Raveonettes – Whip It On”

  1. Man, this duo KICKS ASS!

    Get in your car and keep on driving – blow all other moving vehicles away with this retro sonic blast!

    A MUST have!!

  2. The Raveonettes seem to have their fingers on the pulse of something coming back to life…good music…you know you’re into something good when you would rather listen to a CD than play console games…I mean listen, lights out, dreaming…

    Caomparisons to the Jesus and Mary Chain are apt, but so are Spaceman 3, Flying Saucer Attack, the Velvet Underground…Jan & Dean…This is chord-heaven, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment…

  3. Nice you like this duo. But if you really wanna be really hip(pie) – u have 2 check out Sune Wagners former group Psyched Up Janis, which played much in a similiar way. Also for your listening pleasure, check out Sort Sol, where wagner played bass and guitar for a few live tours

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