Benchley: The First Concert

The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The First Concert.

Update: Rock Star Gary Benchley’s True Identity Revealed!

5 thoughts on “Benchley: The First Concert”

  1. I called it too! There’s no way he’s staying with her. I know she’s a lesbian, but I can’t help wondering whether Katherine is hot.


  2. By ‘her’, of course, I mean Para. I bet she falls in love with her therapist and kicks Benchley to the curb. Get set for awkward office love politics!


  3. Once the band starts playing a couple more gigs, the groupies will start showing up, and I guarantee the “Para vs Groupies” conflict will be next.

    Man, he needs to dump that wench.

  4. They gotta change that band name, too. Schizopolis? Sounds dopey. Maybe something like The Paste Eaters, or Skull Monkeys.

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