Benchley: The Waiting

The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The Waiting – On the heels of sudden success—a good show, a potential manager—arrives doubt, fear, and the means for everything to fall apart. Aspiring music god Gary Benchley discovers his dream of rock may not be everyone else’s dream too.

Update: Rock Star Gary Benchley’s True Identity Revealed!

3 thoughts on “Benchley: The Waiting”

  1. Well, that wasn’t the strongest Benchley I’ve ever read – eh, more of a transtion piece than anything really weighty. Great intraband banter, though. I bet that’s what it’s like waiting for J Franky to set up his Mac, right Phil?

    One thing: Now I want to see Elena Anaya in the Katherine role. Anaya, the enchanting Spanish actress perhaps best known from her role as the nanny in ‘Sex & Lucia’, would have to put on an American accent to play K. But how great would she be with that short haircut and dashing smile?


  2. Seriously, do all bands sit around discussing the likelihood (or unlikelihood) of getting big? This sounds like the same discussions I used to have to sit through with my band.

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