Califone’s Gear Stolen

Califone’s instruments stolen in San Francisco. Help them find their gear!

Message from Tim Rutilli:

hi people, we had some trouble in san francisco yesterday. our van got broken into and we had some instruments stolen. if anybody is out in the bay area and visits pawn shops, looks at e-bay or knows anyone who fences stolen goods. if you spot any of these items please contact us here or call the perishable office at 312 225 8440.

any suggestions or clues will be greatly appreciated. this stuff is irreplaceable. it hurts to lose it and it is going to be very difficult to play these next few shows with out it…anyway.

thanks and thanks for coming out to the shows. we’ve had a very nice time playing music and visiting our beautiful sweet friends these past few months.

ok. here’s the list:

mid 1960’s danelectro guitar – gold, 6 string, tuning pegs a little damaged. there is a rubber band holding one of the tuners together. tweed rectangle guitar case.

1971 fender telecaster custom guitar – blonde with a black pickguard. silver humbucking pick up is upside down. 2 custom switches on pickguard. black rectangle case.

1917 milano violin with bow – in leather case.

telano banjo – in black rectangle case.

campbell-drury accoustic guitar – jumbo size, custom made one of a kind guitar. headstock has the letters C.D. blonde wood grain. very nice. in a blonde tweed guitar shaped case. has some red fake blood near the soundhole and duct tape along the top edge.

national combo amplifier – black and gold. one ten inch speaker and tremolo. aprox 60 watts.



boss pedal tuner

2 tibetan bells

2 capos

brass slide

korg tuner

small contact pick-up

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