Electing to Leave: A reader’s guide to expatriating

Electing to Leave – A reader’s guide to expatriating on November 3. “So the wrong candidate has won, and you want to leave the country. Let us consider your options.”

3 thoughts on “Electing to Leave: A reader’s guide to expatriating”

  1. i had a friend in jr. high who was constantly threatening to change schools because he got picked on. after a while, i just wanted to say “go ahead then, leave! it would be better than staying and incessantly whining about it!”

    true story.

    well, other than the “incessantly” part. i did tend to use big words in jr. high, but i doubt i would’ve said incessantly in that situation.

    but other than that, true story. and i think you get my point.

  2. the history of Sealand is interesting, but Id be afraid to live or claim any of the microstates or such…I say move to the hollers of Kentucky or the Montana backwoods and get a cabin if you wanna escape from society.

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