Five Fifty – Get Clean

Five FiftyGet Clean (Exhaust Records)

Detroit rules. Fuck all you nay sayers. I grew up in Michigan and Detroit was that weird dude in the corner who obviously stayed up all night spinning on crank and listening to Sabbath. He’d kick your ass just as soon as he felt like it. Detroit gets lots of attention these days and it’s all focused on “garage.” Well what about the basement? That’s where the stoners hang out.

Get Clean is the self-produced debut from Detroit stoners Five Fifty. This is great music for guys who are sick of the sissy thin production of garage rock and remember what a Wall of Guitars is supposed to sound like. A photo inside the CD jacket shows Five Fifty opening for the now solo lead singer of Verve Pipe. I can just imagine the shock that washed over the faces of fans waiting for “The Freshman” as this gang of sound beat down on their unsuspecting heads. Priceless.

MP3 of “Your Generation” via the band’s site.

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