Flogging Molly – Within a Mile of Home

Flogging MollyWithin a Mile of Home (Side One Dummy)

When it comes to patriotism, no one tops the Irish. You always know when someone’s Irish—like Italians, they broadcast this fact with tattoos, bumper stickers, and clever t-shirts about beer. By the same token, Celtic punk is an Irish novelty—bands like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly have made waves through the red-haired lot of America, playing sub-standard punk with the melodies of traditional Irish folk songs.

So, knowing of the reputation of these feisty redheads, I was struck with indifference upon news of their new album, Within a Mile of Home. Before playing the album, I practiced an exercise in open-mindedness. I did my hardest to convince myself that something unexpected could be coming my way.

It was when Within a Mile of Home started that I felt my own foot fly backwards and kick me in my ass. Of course this is exactly what I was expecting! How can I expect a band to challenge themselves to outgrow their niche and attempt to broaden their horizons past sweaty, beer-soaked mosh-a-longs?

Like Har Mar Superstar or Tenacious D, Flogging Molly appeals to a certain demographic—the band does nothing to attempt to endear themselves to a bigger audience. Which is their choice, I suppose. I’ll stick to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and democracy, myself.

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  1. why not “like Fugazi or RUN D.M.C.”, celtic rock isn’t a novelty here, theres some celt-punk stuff that definately could be but this is just some good music, I haven’t digested this one yet but theyre certainly no novelty

    “Like Har Mar Superstar or Tenacious D, Flogging Molly appeals to a certain demographic”

  2. This reviewer obviously knows nothing…….this cd hit the Billboard top 200 charts at # 20! It must be appealing to alot of people!

  3. Flogging Molly may not be amazing on record, but they’re certainly close to that live. Their energy and musicianship places them a solid step above most of their modern punk counterparts, including today’s Dropkick Murphys. Also, their incorporation of Irish folk music and instruments into a faster punk format is nothing to scoff at.

  4. You can always tell an immature reviewer that dislikes something because it doesn’t fit her or his image of ‘cool.’ You don’t have to like something, but at least recognize its strong points. They may not be lyrical geniuses, but they can write a good, memorable pop song.

  5. Flogging Molly is pretty damn good on record too…the only problem now is that I think that they could have a level of success now that will inspire quite a few really shitty bands attempting the genre, so instead of pathetic fake english accents we’ll have patheic irish ones

  6. But I like sweaty, beer-soaked mosh-a-longs, and they’re good at them. Sure they could strip out the accordian and the pirate-speak, but what does that leave us with?

  7. still some damn good songs…theres some bands in the “celtic punk genre” who are kinda cheesy and sucky but flogging molly aint a novelty. another good one is St Bushmills Choir…very good stuff

    “strip out the accordian and the pirate-speak, but what does that leave us with?”

  8. Dave King has a beautiful Irish brogue and tremendous stage presence. I was never crazy about the Celtic punk groups(i.e. Dropkick Murphys, Real Mackenzies,Street Dogs[Mike McColgan-former ls of DM],the Briggs)but that red-haired Dave King is the coolest. By the Light of a Fading Star was the best song I’d ever heard the first time I heard it-then I heard it live!

  9. Personally I find these guys brilliant! I havent heard a song on the radio in 2 years + that stirred an emotion. A review is just 1 persons opinion. This reviewer probably likes “reality” TV, Clay Aiken, and Deep-Frying his Thanksgiving Turkey.

  10. flogging molly is the greatest, best, most original, most soul-stirring band that i have ever heard!!!! this reviewer obviously needs another foot in his ass besides his own, because, start to finish, within a mile of home was the best cd of 2004. gimme some guinness!!!

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