Fortune and Maltese in Las Vegas

Fortune & Maltese, quite possibly the greatest rock and roll band of all time, are reforming to open up for Hasil Adkins at Las Vegas Rockaround in September, 2004!

6 thoughts on “Fortune and Maltese in Las Vegas”

  1. That is going to be BUCK WILD… who ELSE is gonna come out to Vegas? I was gonna be there ANYWAY. Now I get to catch the boys that make all the noise. So stoked.

  2. Shit, after doing some research, (which entailed the all-too-time-consuming task of checking out their website) that festival seems like it will be fantastic. But alas, I would probably have to spend upwards of 700 bux for airfare and expenses. Plus, I’m unemployed. So…


  3. That does look like a kickass time, and LV can be gotten to reasonably cheap. I’d love to go; we’ll have to see how my trip to Japan around that time pans out.

  4. Anybody wanna buy me tickets? And a hotel room? I’ll cough up my own gambling money…

  5. Fortune and Maltese, Hasil Adkins, the Greenhornes, the fucking SEEDS, the Monks, the A-Bones, what a lineup!!!

  6. Fortune & Maltese tore the fucking roof off the place in Vegas! They continue to blow minds for a hobby, god bless ’em!

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