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JetGet Born (Elektra)

This is not a good album. Even if you like the hit song, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” you’re not going to like the rest of this album. I understand why that song has its detractors. It reeks of major-label bandwagon jumping to sign their own version of a white-striped retro rock band. Sure, it borrows its riff from Iggy Pop. But still, can you really deny that it’s a good song? I can’t. I like it. And it’s definitely one of the most fun moments of 2003 on MTV2’s Subterranean. I like garage rock. I like the Rolling Stones. I’ve liked this kind of music since before Jack White was playing drums in Goober and the Peas. I don’t care if it’s trendy now. I don’t care if it’s a fad that’ll be “over” by the end of the summer. It’s the kind of stuff I like. And “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” is a fine garage rock single.

But the album is awful. Get Born is a classic example of why kids these days do not purchase cds: all filler, no killer. Download the single, put it on a mix and forget about Jet. Their album is worthless. How many puss-rock ballads can a band put on a record before the album becomes a puss-rock record and they become a puss-rock band? You can tell that they’re going for the mid-seventies stoner vibe, but none of it works. There are no other songs with even half the driving rhythm and balls-out spontaneity as the single.

In one of the less lame songs on the album, Jet tells us to “Take It or Leave It.” You know what to do. Leave it. And do yourself a favor and go listen to some real Detroit rock and roll.

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  1. Phew! That was a close one. Agonizing in the music store between this and the Darkness’ ‘Permission to Land’, I chose Radiohead. I’m glad I did, if it really is ‘puss rock’ as you say. ;D But I have to go back and pick up the Darkness now that I have money again.

  2. I agree with you completely Jake. As seductive as “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and – to a point – followup single “Cold Hearted Bitch” are, it’s impossible not to hear each song as a micro-managed nugget of cash-in garage rock boogie. And ‘Get Born”s teetering load of clunky balladry is indeed the coffin’s biggest nail. Bring it on, roxmysox Jet groupies! Tell us we’re wrong in a jumble of letters and numbers. (“U R So Rong! Jet Rox! LOL!”) But deep down you know it; deep down, you know you’re just dancin’ for the man.


  3. i saw these guys with kings of leon in rochester ny (we don’t get a lot of shows up here so you gotta take what you can get). the show was about as uninspired as the album. it’s amazing to me how people can make playing music for a living look so 9-5ish, like they couldn’t wait to clock out and get back on the tour bus.

  4. well, considering I think that single you liked so much is shit, I’ll make sure to never hear the album.

  5. Thanks for warning me. I almost got this today but after reading review purchased “Central Reservation” by Beth Orton instead. An overdue purchase.

  6. all you are awfull, not the album!!! GET BORN is one of the albums which will make actually history in 20 years, when our sons listen to the masters of music as i call them, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Who and Guns’n’roses. Then there will be another groups who will finally play rock’n’roll once more.

    Jet reminds me a lot when i lived the bests moments of my life (concerts)

  7. What’s with all the Gets in these quick-to-flicker bands? The Vines’ “Get Free,” Jet’s “Get Born,” Pilot to Gunner’s previously slammed “Get Saved” – what the hell kind of grammar conspiracy is going on here?

  8. At least that Vines record was pretty good. (and the the new one too, I hear. They just suck live.)

    I’m also sorry I bought “Get Born” (at least it was cheap). “Pawn Shoppe Heart” is the real thing though.

  9. Get Born is a great CD. The CD has such a range of music on it. How refreshing! Sure, I hear reminders of a few other bands in their riffs, so what? It’s a Cd I love to listen to.

  10. I heard Jet on the radio a few mornings ago, and it sounded so repulsive I had to shut the damn thing off and listen to the Sights. I even used to like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” but even that ain’t workin anymore. I’ll take the Stooges any day.

  11. I couldn’t agree more! I got a promo copy of the album, and after reaching track 4, I declared it “absolute shit”. And what’s the deal with all the horrific Beatles wannabe ballads?!

  12. heyyyyy a little respect ! I think they rock, actualy im going to their show tonight and im just back from waitin 5 freaking hour outside in the freezing cold of montreal to get pisctures with them! And theyre really cool guys! … So i think u should listen to the album befor anyone gives theyre opinion cuz i really think its worth it!!!! for a new band they absolutetly ROCK

  13. take: A Poison cover band with even more limited skills + Dexter Holland lead vocal stylings = Jet

    p.s. they suck, anyone who disagrees is just plain wrong. there are certain facts of rock music, people. if someone said that ac/dc sucked they’d be dead wrong. same rules apply when someone above mentioned that “Get Born” will, “make actually history in 20 years.” preposterous!!! (nice grammar btw…)

  14. Their music is pretty inconsequential. Wear their influences on their sleeve, but it’s decent background music, etc … etc … I don’t see why everyone hates them so much. There are bigger fish to fry than this scrappy Rolling Stones tribute band.

  15. Oh come on now… they aren’t that bad. I can think of 100 bands more worthy of the “suck” title. I bought this cd, and i enjoy most of the songs on it.

    Its not a rock masterpiece, but it surely isn’t in the same ‘suck-ness genre’ like Poison.

    Of course, they aren’t the most original, but they are definetely better than most of the shit played on the radio today.

    And So what if they are ripping off the past…if you’re going to emulate a band might as well go for the best like the Stones or Iggy etc. etc.

    If these guys get the kids away from boy bands and the punk-cheese, …thats a good thing and therefore, they’re good for somethin.

  16. we might as well just rename them diet strokes. but i guess imitation is the best form of flattery. But fuck jet anyways

  17. Guys, guys… how hard do you really want to rock when you’re shopping for cargo shorts at the Gap? That’s what Jet is for.

  18. Interesting review. I had the opposite reaction. The single, which actually I don’t mind listening to, is dripping with neo-garage-rock trend-jumping, while the rest of the album is quite good. The ballads are enjoyable — a little Oasis, a little Badfinger. And you’re trying to tell me “Roll Over DJ” doesn’t rock? C’mon! It’s not a life-changing album, but I find it a solid piece of work.

    But I find most of the neo-garage rock stuff boring and formulaic in their own way. Strokes are vastly overrated, imo. Hives-Vines-Wines-Vives… whatever. I’m glad it came along, but not much of that stuck to my wall. To me, Jet has more substance than those bands.

    Naturally, The Mooney Suzuki rock them all to shame, but I don’t even really consider them part of that trend.

  19. don’t believe any of the naysayers , this is a great album: quick & dirty and fun to sing along to. Saw ’em live and they rocked with a capital r-a-W-k-ed.

  20. Well, well, well, everyone’s having good time. I think my favorite post here is FU by some

    dork named Anonymus. That was just

    a reality check, kids. I always

    put my name on my FU’s, and stand

    proud as punch, which is what I’d like to do to Anonymus. Rawk On.

  21. I’m from Melborne so I want to like

    this cd but don’t

    rollover dj is a bit like dogs bitching about seals for bsrking to


    listen to you am I if you like this

    type of 70’s revival stuff more

    origanal and very much underated

    also from oz to

  22. at least you might be able to book a strokes cover band for any party, bar mitzah or graduation party, hopefully jet will stop making a mockery out of “rock”, and pursue more fitting careers in music.

  23. Jet’s album is another concoction from the major record labels trying to find another replacement for the strokes or the hives. But their song is catchy, no wonder apple used it for their ipod commercials. Unfortunately, that’s as far as their music is going to go. I think they are probably going to end up being a one hit wonder, if you don’t believe me, can anyone name another song besides “are you gonna be my girl” It’s like what happened to Vertical Horizon, if anyone can remember them???

  24. Forget about Jet, and listen to “Pawne Shoppe Heart” by the Von Bondies. Now, that’s what Garage Rock is supposed to sound like.

  25. I think the point is that most of GloNos readers have high standards for “albums” and shit like this does not cut the mustard.

    And don’t bother with the tired “but there are so many worse bands out there…”

    I am sure you’re right…but I don’t listen to them either :)

  26. Set aside the question of Jet’s talent/success for a minute.

    From where I am sitting, the credibility of the people slagging them off appears to be somewhere around zero…

    I would ask – what is their motivation for all this abuse?

    PS: I think Jupiter and the gang need a lesson in logic. Namely – a fact is something you can prove – not just something you think is right.

  27. Ha, JTL, you totally called it. Loftus is the master of all things pop culture and human nature yet again.

    And yeah, I second the smart Anonymous, Glono readers have really high standards for “albums” because we don’t like wasting time and money on shit. Open up your ears and move onto something original, or go back in the catalogues and listen to who Jet is ripping off. Or listen to the better ripoffs. Whatever.

  28. Whoa, dont jump the gun on the Jet’s album. The freaking album is called “get born” which means they are showing you what their influence is, after all the entire concept of rock’n roll is to copy’n reform. Yeh they ripped of Lust for life, they also ripped off every other previous artist to make up for the rest of the album. At first i thought this album stole everything thing from the past and added new sound to it. It end up to be the point of this album. “lust for life – Are you gonan be my girl” “Wish you were here – move on” “You can’t always get what you want – come around again” it’s a play off and a great album personally i think. one album doesnt’ reflect a bands talent, only refelects potiental. I think we should all just wait around until the second album and let’s see if they are just puppets or actully rock’n roll.

  29. PS: At least you know that they listen to good music. I agree that some of the stuff on their is weak compare to are you gonna be my girl, after all it’s a rip off of iggy pop, the guy who bled on stage with a dog collar singing i wanna be your dog. c’mon i bet new found glory dont even know who the stooges and iggy pop was, they prolly never even heard lou reed and the velvets. Songs like “cold hard bitch” “Rollover” “Move on” “get me outta here” “cold hard bitch” are good rockin songs.

  30. cmon the beatles and stones ripped off chuck berry, ac/dc and the black crowes ripped off the stones, oasis ripped off the beatles, jet rips them all off but it’s their first album and they will develop their own style in time. At least the legacy of Chuck Berry lives on.

  31. well…this is why I could never be any sort of critic…I find being a professional asshole a tempting choice of career, but all critics are brutally harsh in every aspect. i love music and anyone who can like rock and roll music and hate jet so much just scares me. music is hard work and it’s art. if you dont especially like it i can definitely understand, but trash-talking this album doesnt make sense to me…it seems like it should be decent by any rock fan’s standards. anyway, i know my grammar/punctuation/spelling sucks here but it’s only due to the fact that I don’t care. i just wanted to voice my opinion.

  32. i love jet! they ROCK! for a new band they are good! i dont know whats wrong with u people all u do is dis other poeple. I dont see you out there doing any thing with ur life! I went to one of there conserts and got to meet them and they are really cool guys and they rock! so stop dissing and have respect!

  33. Jet is f*#k’in awful,

    they’re 4th rate, i know we’re

    starving for a real rock n roll

    band to carry the torch, but c’mon

    let’s not lower our standards so much, they’re unacceptable, they

    are poseurs.

  34. I finally figured it out, the good reviews of this “door stop/bad frisbee” are women, so I think the best way for me to love Jet would be to cut off my balls then maybe I could see where there coming from. Sorry not gonna happen, lucky for me they’ll be nobodys in a few weeks and I can get on to hating someone else like the next Nickelback or Good Charlotte. Oh and the album sucks.

  35. Dont tell people to downlaod music. Its illigal whether you think it should be or not. (granted there IS legal downlaodable music, but this kind of downloading accounts for a fraction of downloaded music.) God help us all if in the end, musicians cant make music because no one buys it, b/c they’re downloading it! You might think to yourself “hmm…that would acctually be good…music wouldnt be about the money anymore”. true, that would be nice, but if we dont buy CD’s, then who is going to pay the studio’s to produce music? CD sales mainly pay the people who produce, record, market the music (etc. etc.) and very little of the money made on CD’s goes to the acctual artist. BUT, someone has to make a living by working with other peoples music. So if we eliminate the music industry, we eliminate profesional quality music. no music, nothing to download…get it? thats why downlaoding music could kill the industry. Now before everyone starts dumping on me, let me tell you that i too am guilty of downloading a song, or burning a buddies copy of a good CD, but in the end, it is unethical. I know i just contradicted myself, but im just trying to say that everyone who argues that “it shouldn’t be illigal man! i want music for FREE!” needs to realize WHY its illigal. If music became free, we would loose music. True, there would be garage bands here and there, but why would a band want to try real hard to make music, if there was no way to make a living doing it?

  36. In response to the above post (by “Me”), I’d have to say I completely disagree with you. Music downloading will not kill the industry. Record sales are down because people are sick of being fed shit for 16 bucks a pop, and that’s what a good deal of the music out there right now is – shit. You sound like you’ve been brainwashed by all the anti-piracy ads with celebrities in them (which only make me want to download more). Besides, many people download music as a way to preview a record. If they don’t like it, they’ve saved themselves money, and, if they go out and buy the record, the downloading doesn’t even matter. Downloads make it possible for more obscure bands to gain audiences, too.

    Quote: “why would a band want to try real hard to make music, if there was no way to make a living doing it?”

    Because they enjoy making music. That’s what the motivation should be behind making music in the first place. I could sit here and refute your points all day, but I don’t have all day.

    By the way, I own this CD. I got it as part of the sign-up deal for BMG, and, for two bucks, I’m happy with it. I would never have bought it for full price, though. Get Born is fun to listen to, and there are some good songs, but it can wear thin at times. This isn’t a very good album, but it’s not terrible, either.

  37. Downloading music is sharing music how can you say that sharing and spreading music is a crime? The whole point of selling CDs is to get your sh*t heard and you make money by playing gigs. It was the best thing that can happen for independent lables and new musicians because you dont need 10 thousand dollars to spread your music around. Prior to Napster, the top selling CDs are the top 40 charts and after Napster came out, teenagers are discovering a whole world of new music and old music, the CD selling are at all time high and the corpration got scared because indies are growing and they are losing control of what we are listening to and that’s why they spent a million bucks to make download illegale it’s all just itty bitty bs.

    So go online today and find your influences.

  38. Oh dear lord. I was going to spend some considerable time pointing out how poorly put-together and unprofessional an attempt at producing a music piece can be using your example. But my time is too valuable. Jake, my dear fellow, you are not even worthy of being called a hack. You are quite simply a clown. And the only reason I should take a moment to dignify your tragic little attempt at a music article is because someone might accidentally stumple upon your little corner of the web here and actually believe something you have to say as being credible. Dear oh dear…teehee.

  39. je parle en francais alors vous ne compendrais peut etre pas mais JET esr un super groupe et y on interet a passé au zenith ce clermont

  40. your fucking crazy

    this is a great cd

    the fuck wit that said that he got to track 4 and had to turn it off is crazy, are u gonna be my girl, rollover DJ and look what your’ve done are all quality tracks!

    im from aus and this is a great aussie band that could beat any piece of shit america could throw at it! wake up, shut up, and listen because any one with half of a brain would love this cd!

    Stop eating your own cock and listen to ‘anonymous’ fuck off!

  41. Ahh Jake. Ol mate. This is one fucking greaaat record, and to try and find a clever way of saying how crap/ripped off just doesn’t cut it. OF COURSE it’s been done before, its rock n roll (duh!). No one even mentions how much balls it must take to believe in songs that are easily derided as being just “ballads”. Surely if they were TRUE rock pretenders they’d be going for an edgier sound, avoiding the slower dities for the boy bands, wouldn’t they? They have a great style and this just in Jake: they don’t have to be truly original to be great artists in their own right.

    Jet remain one of the GREAT modern bands.

    While you, Jake, are a very obvious tosser fooling no one.

  42. Che, que manga de boludos que son.

    Es una bandita mas de las tipicas que estan de moda. No molestan a nadie, pero admitamoslo!! Es musica para adolscentes de 15 años. Si no dejate de joder y escucha a the stooges, ac/dc o RS.

    No es una mierda el disco. pero pasa sin pena ni gloria.

  43. What happens?? You morons don´t understand spanish?? you think you are the only country in the world?

    come on, people, how about learning something useful instead of being little ignorants like your daddy George??

  44. Look, I respect most peoples opinions, but people saying this album sucks is just wrong. Ok, so they are influenced by other bands. Who cares? (apart from you guys)All bands are!!! At least Jet are influenced by good artists. Get Born is probably the best album I have bought in ages and probably will be for a long time.

    I also don’t get how some people can not like the ballads, (ok timothy and move on are bordering on boring), but Look What You’ve Done is one of the best rock ballads i’ve heard in a while.

  45. 1999 = no major buzz in new music

    early 2001 = New York City. the Strokes. “Last Nite”. BUZZ! – people are listening. finally, exciting new music to love/hate. meanwhile, in Australia, four Strokes fans hit the thrift stores then start a band named Jet.

    2002 = $$$ Rock Revival! Unknown bands all over the world practice being “cool”. They start wearing pins and ties and converse sneakers to emulate a style long familiar in underground scenes, especially in New York City.

    2003 = Jet. “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” The songs riff seems awfully similar to the Strokes’ retro-riff in “Last Nite” from 2001. The band looks highly stylized – their outfits seem to contain every piece of the current hip fashions. The songwriting is bland, but highy produced for radio. It works and Jet cash in, becoming popular with the right look and sound.

    the moral: Copying what’s cool can make you successful. You don’t need to have started a trend or make anything new and original – just pay attention to what’s hip and jump on the bandwagon at the right time. History will show what Jet did to become popular and how they were one of the bands to cash in on the “Garage Rock Revival” successfully.

  46. Get Born is fuckin ace!ur ears painted on?fair enough, u can hear the vibes of Iggy Pop n The Who, but so what? Oasis > Beatles anyone?It’s always gonna be done, it shows that rock goes from strength to strength as the decades fly by. “Are you gonna be my Girl” is a quality tune, a couple of songs on the album are naff but overall it’s top. Jet are a band on the move, unlike some of the pants the radio belts out 24/7.

  47. Re: Mariano

    I am Canadian.

    I can speak spanish (passably).

    I read Glono all the time.

    Give people like me some credit, ok?

    PS. I’m starting to hate ‘Cold Hard Bitch’. It’s on the radio way too often.

  48. Wow. The worst review ever. The first single was OK. Picked up the album…loved it. So you were…errr…wrong in every sense. Wrong. Your review sucks.

    Everyone else who gave it a bad review, go listen to the radio instead…obviously you’ve grown accustomed to it.

    So reviewer, you liked the first single did you? Heard it on the radio did you? When d’you review this….March? So now, I bet you like “Cold Hard Bitch” right? And now that “Rollover DJ” is out, you like that one too huh? F*ckin’ trash….please do us a favor. DO not review anymore music. Ever.

  49. ur all a bunch of fuckers and jet kicks ass and is the best new band. its proposterous? whoever said that your a fuckin nerd and u can lick my nuts. JET KICKS ASS!


  51. If u don’t lik Jets music whos music do u lik? Jessica Simpson & Britney Spears or somfin????????????????

    u phreaks Jet Rox!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  52. man there are some negative fuckers here… Its their first album, give ’em a break. If you dont like it dont listen to it. If you think it sucks so much why dont you go out and write something better…

  53. I find “Look What you’ve Done” to be an enjoyable single, but I can’t help thinking they were listening to the Beatles for days before they wrote this. Its just too Beatle-esque

  54. JET F***ING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!



  55. U noe what all you who dont like jet can go and get fuked cos there aint no good rock music comming out at the moment there either ripping of the strokes or just or cunts. jet have that in your face rock n roll charisma.

    so for all you that said the album is shit go and fuk your self and go listen to some pus techno or rap or what ever fuked up music you listen to.

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