8 thoughts on “John Darnielle on R Kelly’s latest”

  1. I like R. Kelly’s music as much as any redblooded Chicagoan, but seriously, “the best American singer since Sam Cooke”? Ummm…

  2. The Sam Cooke comparison is a BIG stretch, and I still can’t believe somebody could be won over so easily to the fact that R. Kelly found Jesus. Riiiight. Was this before, after, or during he was peeing on little girls?

  3. I am the biggest fan of R-Kelly. I don’t care what people think about him. He is the all mighty god of R&B. He truly is the greatest of all time. I will marry him someday. To all of those who are big, lovable fans of R-Kelly, say, “I LOVE R-KELLY AND THERE IS NOTHING U CAN SAY OR DO!”

  4. All mighty god of R&B? he’s good but…god wouldn’t pee on little girls don’t cha think? Also, Sam Cooke, would be disappionted…that’s like comparing a shower to being pissed on. The two are no wheres near being alike. R.Kelly is NO Sam Cooke.

  5. oh i forgot something…Steve-O you are sooo hottt. you can be my R.Kelly. Minus the urination. lol.

    P.S you don’t seem like the type to even go on a site like this. Surprised?! You bet i am lol!

  6. I think R Kelly is the most sexiest man since Denzell Washington. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s the songs that he sing and the way he sings them. Robert, I give you full consent!!!!!!!Keep doing your thang!

  7. It’s so awesome how every couple months some googler posts on this!

    R I <3 U! d0n’t 3v3r change!

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