Junior Boys – Last Exit

Junior BoysLast Exit (KIN)

Is it dance music? Is it indie rock? Is it grime (a label used mostly by rock critic geeks)? How about it’s just really an amazing listen. That’s the best way to sum up the new album Last Exit, from the Junior Boys, an album that defies any attempt to categorize it. There are ten songs that could be blasted from club speakers, but remain seductive enough to be background music on a date.

The balance between Jeremy Greenspan’s delicate voice and the infectious beats are what make Last Exit such an impressive album. “Bellona” and “High Come Down” are fit to be played at club level decibels, but at the same time tender enough to be a soundtrack to cruising past flickering high rise lights at one in the morning. The album drips with sexy rhythms, airy vocals, and serene grooves. “Three Words” and “Teach Me How To Fight” are a bit too chilled for my liking, but they don’t derail the album.

Your dance acumen does not matter to the Junior Boys. Last Exit is less about getting down, and more about burrowing into your heart. As a listener, you will feel this album.

You can stream some Junior Boys tracks from the KIN site.

10 thoughts on “Junior Boys – Last Exit”

  1. If Barabajagal comes on here and says he likes it, I’ll know this album is the real deal, since he’s generally pretty crotchety when it comes to new records.

  2. I’ve heard such good things about this album that I’ve basically penciled it in as my favorite album of the year. AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE IT YET! I could only find it at Insound, and it should be here in a few days because it was on backorder. I can’t wait to finally hear it.

  3. Yeah, Tom4, I had the same problem. Nice of those bastards at Insound to only tell you it’s on backorder AFTER you order it.

  4. Wow, thanks for the ups! But I don’t think I’m cool enough to have heard of this record. Vocal synth dance pop is not my thing. Wait, did I say cool? I meant gay.

    I kid, I kid! I listened to some of their stuff on their website and it sounds excellent, very tasteful, graceful and textured but with an affecting, intimate emotional undercurrent. A well-realized vision. Seems like a very rewarding group. It does have some of those club synth sounds that give me trouble. I might feel as though I were folding ribbed t-shirts in a downtown Gap with the halogen lights gleaming off the pergo. But hey, it’s not them–it’s me!

    So I’m no help here! Sorry!

  5. Barabajagal, I admire your modesty…but you were very helpful indeed, I shall add Junior Boys to my nascent collection… do start writing reviews, you have a certain joie de vivre I find refreshing…

  6. I caught Junior Boys in Detroit last night, their first show in the U.S. Let me say it was nothing less than phenom. Perfect beats, guitars, crooning. Problem: Apparently, the domestic release of Last Exit was Tuesday (I’ve had it for more than one month now [Kin] and wasn’t aware of the Domino release). Thus, there were about twelve people in the crowd. Some marginal indie kids stood about three feet away from me and talked incessantly throughout the show. Why are indie kids so short and annoying? And why wouldn’t someone — a friend, lover — tell the diminutive girl at center of said annoying group NOT to carry a huge hobo bag?!?

    But I digress — the point is, this band should be filling rooms, and will be doing so by the end of their tour.

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