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  1. I’ve made a donation, and I hope others do to. Record companies have to realize that mediocre product (including the use of inferior quality CD’s that scratch and skip easier) is ont going to get them anywhere, except in deeper trouble. I’ve downloaded “A Ghost is Born”, and I will buy multiple copies on June 8th.

  2. I also made a donation. It’s a big mistake to confuse hardcore fans with thieves.

    And BTW, a big “f*ck you” to the RIAA storm troopers from yours truly.

  3. While this is a good idea, the reason YHF sold as many copies it did, is hardly from its loyal, and ever growing fan base. The reason YHF rose the billboard ranks is because the media covered the crap out of it. The controversy sold the album, the story sold the album — the movie sold the album. The fans knew what to expect to a certain degree, casual fans got excited and everyone else just wanted to know what the hell was going on. While YHF is superb in its sequencing it still doesn’t have the replay value as previous records or even this one. AGB will sell and every article written about it will reference the tumultuous past of YHF reflecting that an out-of-control industry that doesn’t know its head from its ass is the best thing that ever happened to the band.

  4. Check out the [url=https://gloriousnoise.com/arch/001202_just_a_fan.php]Glorious Noise interview with the creators of Just A Fan[/url], and please continue the discussion there.

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