Kurt Cobain Interview

Ten years ago, Kurt Cobain gave this very revealing Rolling Stone interview. A few months later, he was dead. Ten years? Wow.

8 thoughts on “Kurt Cobain Interview”

  1. The article was a very positive article. It seemed like everything was looking up not just for Kurt, but for the band. Funny how so much can change. It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years. I was a junior in high school. Wish he was still around making great music.

  2. Cheated?

    Most important pop band of my lifetime? Maybe. But is that be default? The story of Cobain is a sad one and in the end he

    made a personal but gutless decision, leaving endless “Could have beens” in its wake.

  3. What to say about the john lennon of the day…kurk was indeed a complex indivigual. How ever he was a product of his own family back round. so it was’nt an every day accurance that made kurk the way he was. His skills as a guitarast where only surpassed by the ‘edge’ of u2. However his muic was exstremly orriganal. angry yet passionet. added to this and the ‘conspiracy’surrounding his death kurk will out douthable live on in decades to come. kurk lives.

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