18 thoughts on “Leroy Bach No Longer in Wilco”

  1. didn’t see this one comin…well besides the incessant message board rumours over the past week..thats too bad..he was my favorite wilco member outside of Jeff…what are they going to usher in the return of Jay Bennett…I hope to god O’Rourke doesnt become a permenant member…i cant deal with him none to good..I am trying to think who I would like to see replace the dearly departed….

  2. On the last tour, Mike Jorgensen seemed to be doing a lot of stuff that Leroy could have done. Now Mike’s considered a new member. ???

  3. Seems like they lose one member with every album. After AM, they lost Brian Henneman (sort of). After Being There, they lost Max Johnston. After Summerteeth (way after), they lost Ken Coomer. After YHF, they lost Jay Bennett. And now after recording their new album, they lost Leroy. Must be tough work, recording a Wilco record…

  4. D’oh! Silly me to think that I could scoop you Jake.

    *cue theme song to Survivor*

    And so another torch is extinguished in the land of Wilco…

  5. However, every single album has been a milestone … even if they’ve lost a great member with every new album. I’m sure this next album is not going to be an exception … at least as long as Jeff doesn’t leave the band ;-)

  6. This post is a little late in the game, but I think Leroy was booted because he wasn’t getting his shit done due to some substance abuse issues.

  7. yeah. i know from firsthand experience that leroy has developed a pretty serious angel dust addiction. seriously. not weed, not pills, not booze, not coke—but freakin’ dust!?…? he would show up to gigs all shermin’ out and jeff just felt that he needed to get help, so he booted him.

  8. This will be the end of Wilco after the tour of this upcoming album, and afterwared Jeff will try to establish himself as a bona-fide solo country rock and roll star, much like Mr. Dylan whom he worships in his song “Lonely One.” Then again, if Bach IS on dust, maybe by now Jay Bennett isn’t so coked up anymore and he could come back…Shit. This sucks.

  9. Ahem. To avoid the appearance of slander, libel or defamation, I’d like to point out that “Dave”‘s allegations about Leroy’s substance abuse are unfounded.

    At least, Leroy has never shared any drugs with the Glorious Noise staff (if he ever even had any).

  10. i am a friend of leroy’s and i know for a fact that he neither was kicked out of the band or has a drug addiction. he is an amazing musician, and he wants some time for himself.

  11. I couldn’t picture “The Lonely 1” being about Dylan – the whole Gold Lame reference doesn’t strike me as Dylanesque, but I could be wrong. I won’t venture to say who it’s about – I’d be wrong, I’m sure. But I will bet not Dylan.

  12. ok – to start off, I am Roy Bach’s cuz…and NO im not joking – my mom is his mom’s step sister….My grandpa got married three timees…and if you don’t beleive me, u can ask me any questions on my family and i will try to answer, but it gets confusing at some parts.

    I know for a fact that roy wasn’t on drugs. because i would’ve heard about it because my mom and his mom are VERY close, infact i was just talking to his mom about they’re new puppy.

    so don’t start any rumors like that cuz they aren’t true!

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