Mission of Burma – Wounded World and Dirt

Mission of Burma – “Wounded World” and “Dirt” via Matador. By way of Fingertips.

2 thoughts on “Mission of Burma – Wounded World and Dirt”

  1. This stuff is absolutely great and I find myself filled with self-loathing for not going to their November 2002 show in Minneapolis due to weather. This band has lost NOTHING at all, amazingly. Guys, please tour Minneapolis or Omaha or even Chicago supporting this record and I’ll hitch-hike on snowshoes if need be.

  2. Probably won’t help your inner psyche to know that I put the Mpls. show in the top half-dozen of the 216 Burma shows I’ve seen. But I think they are very likely to be back at First Ave. within the next year. In general, when they’ve played 3 nights in a row during this reunion, 1st nights have tended to be merely good and 3rd nights (Mpls, TLA in Philly) have been amazing.

    The whole album is amazingly great, especially in its stylistic range.

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