New Fortune and Maltese EP

A brand new, star-studded Fortune & Maltese EP is coming soon from Get Hip. MP3 samples available here.


Jonny Chan – Lead Guitar (Jonny Chan & The New Dynasty 6 / The Covingtons)

John Szymanski – Farfisa (The Hentchmen / Paybacks)

Mike Latullipe – Drums (The Hentchmen / Paybacks)

Amy Surdu – Drums on Title Track (Gore Gore Girls)

Freddy Fortune – Lead Vocal, Percussion

Michael Maltese – Bass, Vocals, Guitar

5 thoughts on “New Fortune and Maltese EP”

  1. I might have an out-of-town guest this weekend, but I’ll try to talk him into going down for that. Gotta hear ’em live.

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