New Hives Album Cover: Tyrannosaurus Hives

We’ve got the cover art for the new Hives album, Tyrannosaurus Hives. Tour dates too.

Tyrannosaurus Hives

The release date is July 20, the day they kick off the US tour. You can pre-order it.

North American tour dates

7/20/2004 9:30 Club Washington DC

7/21/2004 Irving Plaza New York, NY

7/22/2004 Irving Plaza New York, NY

7/23/2004 Avalon Ballroom Boston , MA

7/24/2004 The Phoenix Theater Toronto

7/25/2004 Clutch Cargo’s Pontiac, MI

7/26/2004 Metro Chicago, IL

7/28/2004 Ogden Theater Denver, CO

7/29/2004 In the Venue Salt Lake City, UT

7/30/2004 The Showbox Seattle, WA

7/31/2004 Roseland Theatre Portland, OR

8/1/2004 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

8/4/2004 Soma San Diego, CA

Update: New Hives e-card.

5 thoughts on “New Hives Album Cover: Tyrannosaurus Hives”

  1. i wrote them off a few years ago as part of the “The” band phenom. Also the outfits screamed gimmick band to me. From the glono coverage I take it that they are fairly decent???

  2. The Hives are amazing. Thier first album is one of the best punk rock records I’ve heard, and I’ve heard many. Thier second, is equally awesome, although less punk rock.

    Write off the Vines (as you probably did 2 years ago) keep the Hives.

  3. If you really want to know, I’m not sure “Walk Idiot Walk” is the greatest lead single, besides that incredible title. However, that’s not an indictment of The Hives, as I’m sure I speak for the GloNo braintrust in declaring support status.

    From 2002:

    “The Hives present the soundtrack to that rock and roll Erehwon that dissolves upon contact with the outside pavement. Until rock and roll does take over the rest of our lives – when girls will always play lead guitar, nobody’s hair will be clean, and ascots’ll be back in fashion – we need rockers like [them].”

  4. Hey, I loved Veni Vidi Vicious when that came out, then I forgot about The Hives for awhile, and now the new single ‘Idiot Walk’ has hooked me. You can’t help but like this fucking band, and I’m really looking forward to the new album.

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