Our First Record Comes Out Today!

Taro SoundToday, October 19, is the official release date of Glorious Noise Records’ first cd release, Taro Sound by Quasar Wut-Wut. This is a very big deal for us.

We, as music fans, truly believe that anyone who really loves music will appreciate this album if they give it a chance. We are not record label executives; we are music fans who want to make sure that great music gets heard. And our friends, Quasar Wut-Wut, have made a piece of really great music in Taro Sound.

It’s a strange, ambitious album with few overt reference points to anything currently en vogue in indie rock. But one can imagine a generation of musicians hailing it one day as a milestone in the history of music. Or if that’s a little hyperbolic, maybe an obscure oddity that will be mentioned in an issue of MOJO twenty years from now in their “Buried Treasures” section. At least that’s how we at Glorious Noise see it.

And we think that if you listen to it, you’ll be convinced too. One of my favorite sections of the disc is what we’ve been calling the Zug suite (we’re pretentious like that). Starting at track 10, the vibey instrumental snippet “Carrion Eaters’ Lullaby,” through to track 13, the monstrous “March of the Zug.” Under the right conditions, it has the potential to blow your mind. I remember the first time I heard it—and this was after years of hearing these songs performed live at shows—my jaw was on the floor for ten minutes.

And the album is full of moments like this. “Ass-Kissin’ Lips” is a carnival where b-movie stuntmen bump into cowboys and surgeons who perform tongue extensions. “La-Dee-Dah, it’s dirt for dinner again.” Your heart might break for “Oh My Dear” (mp3) whose narrator sighs, “I was only using you like you were using me / Using me like a puppet uses strings.” Combine that with the intense fury of “Stiletto” (mp3) and the destructive madness of “Enola Gay” (mp3) and you’ll start to see why we’re so excited about this album. Why, basically, we started a record label to release it.

So, please check it out. It’ll be worth your while. Download some mp3s, borrow it from a friend, whatever. We want you to hear this album. We want you to listen to it. We’ve attempted to put together a nice package (lyric sheet, cool artwork, etc.) to give you an incentive to actually purchase it, but more importantly we want you to hear this music and dig it as much as we do.

Taro Sound is available today online at CD Baby and Amazon, and it should be available in all good record stores via Carrot Top Distribution. If your favorite record store doesn’t have it in stock, let them know they should get it!

The CD release party will be on Friday, November 19, at the Hideout in Chicago. Be there or be square!

12 thoughts on “Our First Record Comes Out Today!”

  1. Congratulations, guys. You’ve gone and done something that I’ve only dreamed about: you started a record company and released a record. Kudos, and here’s to hoping you get your first diamond record award in, oh, 6 months.

  2. to my way of thinking it’s only the beginning of what everyone involved is capable of.. so… dream bigger dreams… and make them come true!

  3. Busteling-burro-brains, you’ve really done it this time. I’ve been quoted for the last time. Or, is it the first time. I can’t remember. Anyway, I love good cheese and it doesn’t matter where it’s from or where I’m at. I’ll eat it.

  4. Sometimes in life one feels real proud for the people he loves, and this is one of those times. Congrats to all the Glorious Noise folk & to the Quasar’s.

    I never imagined a taro could sound so beautiful, Thankhue.

  5. It is an honor to hear the glorious noise of taro sounds in my ear hole, filling me up, (like buttercup) or like a big glass of chocolate milkshakes and peanut butter cup castles. Huzzah! But enough cockblockery. Everything sounds sweet! I can’t wait to hear more.

    Great job!

  6. Congratulations guys. I really appreciate this site and all that you do with it and wish you the best with your release. Doing something true always brings success.

  7. Good Luck! I saw it listed on a couple of indie “out this week” lists, so that’s good. You’ll know you’ve really got something great when Pitchfork gives it a 6.9, though.

  8. DP, it was mentioned on Largehearted Boy’s weekly [url=http://www.largeheartedboy.com/blog/archives/002736.html]Shopping Bag column[/url].

  9. “DP, it was mentioned on Largehearted Boy’s weekly Shopping Bag column.”

    Yeah, I knew about that. I’m just asking anyone to shoot us an email or post it on the boards if they see it listed anywhere. Tracking the market, yo.

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