Owen – The EP

OwenThe EP (Polyvinyl)

Twee. It’s an indy rock buzzword, usually applied to bands like Travis, or Belle & Sebastian. But what exactly does it mean? I found this definition in the dictionary:

twee {ital}

adj : Affectedly dainty or refined. Overly precious.

The two afore-mentioned bands are twee indeed, but they have an advantage over other, lesser twee rockers – they’re actually interesting and have more to say than what they’re feeling the day they wrote that song.

Not so with Owen. This is high-octane navel-gazing. The trouble is, we don’t find the singer’s heartfelt, sensitive warblings (over repititous, accoustical dronings) about his twee life very interesting or insightful because, being extremely twee, there’s no room for anything else. A sample of the lyrics:

“We’re two bicycles. Ridden, too tired to know which of us two was dumb enough to choose the other as a lover.” Zuh?

If you’re an achingly sensitive art student or aspiring twee rocker, this is for you (mp3). You’ll commiserate nicely with Owen over your painful, yearning existence. For the rest of us, I’d recommend Prefab Sprout, Lloyd Cole or Billie Holiday. In fact, I’d recommend almost anything else.

3 thoughts on “Owen – The EP”


    its great music for lovers or the lonely hours when you need some warmth. its wel balanced easy listening music.

    its always easy to comment but why dont you try it yourself to make something like that.

    then we will speak again.

    being a critic is easy and mostly not very productive.

    you sit in a chair, listen and comment. ever been in a studio?

    I dont think so. you would know that one off the most difficult things to do is to create a song from beginning till the end in the same energy and flow

    even here in holland we know this

  2. oh my, how did a person with such bad taste and judgement become a music reviewer? this album is an excellent album, far far better than anything travis or belle and sebastian have ever released. why is it a bad thing for an artist to write a song about “what they are feeling that day”? it captures the emotion and honesty of a certain moment. owen’s music isnt necessarily about saying anything profound, and it is unashamedly self focused. but this does not detract from the music, on the contrary, it is the strength of the album, creating and intimacy and honesty that is immediatly enthraling. if you don’t like soothing, well crafted, intimate music then thats ok with me, but please don’t tell people that owen is boring or untalented. and as far as labelling owen ‘twee’ and recomending billie holiday, i really dont see the resemlence whatsoever.

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