Pleasurecraft – Lost Patterns

PleasurecraftLost Patterns (self-released)

The bio for this Seattle foursome reads, “Pleasurecraft deftly blends synthesizers and guitars into a danceable landscape that mixes equal parts modern dance music and indiepop. This is electropop that doesn’t leave the guitars in the garage.” And that’s surprisingly true.

The eleven songs on Lost Patterns run along the same M-1 lanes as Electronic’s debut, combining synth beats, keyboard washes, and guitar riffs in a pleasant musicscape that wouldn’t be out of place on a mix next to the Marr/Sumner opus, “Getting Away with It.” But Pleasurecraft also shares the problem of uneven vocals with their English pals.

Overall, a strong release from a band still searching for its own voice in a genre soaked in vocoder.

MP3s of “Simplicity” and “Fixation” from Pleasurecraft’s site.

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