Rolling Stone Interview with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

The Stone interviews Tweedy about the new album and rehab.

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PDF: Jeff Tweedy – Rolling Stone July 2004

6 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Interview with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy”

  1. A surprisingly mature article, I’m happy to note. They still have the upcoming disc’s title listed as Wilco Happens… do any of you Via Chicago types know if they’ve finalized the title, and is it indeed A Ghost Is Born?

  2. It is indeed [url=]A Ghost Is Born[/url]. The article even says, “Wilco’s fifth album, A Ghost Is Born, arrives June 22nd. […] an early working title for the album suggested, ‘Wilco Happens.'”

  3. Wow, Rolling Stone magazine actually is reporting on good music for a change and not on what the Olsen twins ate for breakfast. A very nice article indeed.

  4. LOS ANGELES — In a memo to media outlets this past Wednesday, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen detailed the contents of their morning breakfast. According to the breif memo, the meal included – but was not limited to – pita bread, hummus, soy milk, wheat grass, seaweed wrap, and crystal lemon water. At press time, the specificity of what each Olsen consumed was unclear.


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