Taro Sound: Then, Now, Forever!

Support our troops! Send them hotdogs.The War is on, boys. And back on the home front, we must do everything we can to support the effort. In a moving display of patriotic moxie, GLONO Records’ own Quasar Wut-Wut pulled out all the stops for a local extravaganza that left no girl’s dance card unfilled and united the Flyboys, Swabs, Dog faces, and Jarheads for a night before shipping out.

Ask not what the Quasars can do for you!

Showing that home is worth fighting for—especially if you’re from Taro Sound, USA—these four grunts faced overwhelming numbers with lines literally down the street at Chicago’s most famous living room venue. By 9:30, doors were closed and only a lucky few more gained entrance thanks to massive turnout. Yes, GLONO’s latest was yet another sell-out and for that we thank you.

The most exotic Quasar fan!

Friday, November 19 will live in infancy as we saw grown men with their underpants worn on the outside and Private Frank finally realized his dream of becoming a Meathead. It was also the first time the band’s young drummer Doug Walsh saw a woman in her unmentionables. But War is hell and we all grow up fast in the heat of battle.

Ask what YOU can do with a hotdog helmet!

And just because you couldn’t get in doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the effort. No ma’am, there’s room for everyone and Taro Sound needs you more than ever. Buy bonds now! Remember, We can, we will, we must!

Buy bonds now!

9 thoughts on “Taro Sound: Then, Now, Forever!”

  1. Are there going to be more pictures? I want to see more pictures please.

    Wish I could have been there, if only to see the hot dog helmet live.

  2. D’oh!! I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to be there, esp. since I told Jake I would’ve been there. Out of town company came in (I’m sorry, it’s the only lame excuse I have…).

    Next time… but will they have the tasteful fan dancer next time?? Prolly not, d’oh!!

  3. I believe the General (Jake) is compiling more pictures and we’ll have a full photo album.

    This was a fantastic show. Our own Josh B had to wait in line to get in and there were scores behind him who never did get past the front door. Excellent turn-out, everyone. Thanks a million for supporting this fine band.

  4. Many thanks and much love to all the people who waited outside in the rain for forty minutes to get in! That’s just incredible to me.

    More photos definitely coming soon. If anybody wants to have their photos included, get a hold of us.

  5. Sorry I wasn’t able to be there with all you dollcakes. Do a party in D-town next! I personally know a band that would love to open up for ya.

  6. shit! looks like an awesome party

    know of any plans to go on tour? to canada?

    we roll out the welcome mat for such fine entertainment up here

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