The Bloody Lovelies – Some Truth and A Little Money

The Bloody Lovelies - Some Truth and A Little MoneyThe Bloody LoveliesSome Truth and A Little Money (Cheap Lullaby)

The piano is a powerful instrument. In cartoons, pianos are often used as props to crush unsuspecting victims, to predictable yet amusing effect. The instrument also saves The Bloody Lovelies’ debut, Some Truth and a Little Money, from utter mediocrity. The Lovelies are a pop/rock band whose music is driven by a piano, and without it, they’d be just another pop/rock band. As unremarkable as their approach to “roots” rock and “garage” pop is, it’s worthy of some attention and maybe even an occasional listen due to their decision to give the piano top billing in most of their song arrangements.

In a live setting, you would first notice the deep soulful whine of lead singer Randy Wooten’s voice. Then the gritty, exuberant guitar of Lance Konnerth. The lead singer sits behind a piano, his fingers on the keys actually dictating the song’s rhythm – the bassist (Eric Holden) and drummer (Craig Macintyre) following the piano’s lead! Amazing!

And that’s the Bloody Lovelies at their best. On a studio album, with no rousing visuals of Wooten rockin’ behind the piano, no cigarette smoke in the air, no cute bartenders in the corner of your eye, the Lovelies aren’t quite that fun. The piano is nice, refreshing, different, smartly used, etc. But take it away, and you’ve got a lackluster lite rock record with a hesitant eye to the past, unabashed pop overtones, and just not enough depth.

The piano may be a powerful instrument, but I’m not going to hang my taste for a band on it. Really, isn’t that what the guitar is for?

Free Bloody Lovelies MP3s are available via CD Baby.

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  1. Bummer. With a name like that, I thought for sure they’d be trying to channel a Kevin Shields vein. Silly me; they decided to channel an England Dan & John Ford Coley vein instead. Ah, the tragedy of it all…

  2. You guys are f**king insane. I listened to it and it’s great. The songwriting is fantastic and I can’t tell you the last time I heard a new band on the radio that wrote good tunes. To everyone who likes good classic rock and have been hoping to find something that is new and exciting…BUY THIS RECORD!

  3. This band should be called the Bloody Earsores. This is a contrived collection of dribble. The singers voice reminds me of nail on a chalkboard. Its just plain boring.

  4. My friend Julie brought the Bloody Lovelies CD over as she is always looking for great new music. When we put the cd on, we both really liked the 1st track. But the record takes a quick, brisk decent from there. By the middle of the CD we were both feeling simular to the way we felt when we viewed the movie “Gigli” for the first time(staring Ben Affleck and Jenifer Lopez.) We can only hope that this relationship ends the same way Ben and Jens did. Over all the CD was boring.

  5. You know the effect that seeing the very first round of American Idol had on you when you see all these people that want to sing so bad that they kid themselves into thinking that they actually have talent. And you watch not knowing whether you should feel mad, glad or sorry for these people who really belive that they are the next big thing?

    Well if you enjoy that effect than this record could very possibly be for you. It gives you all of those feelings and more. This CD is to a record store what William Hung is to American Idol, only Hung is cool!!

  6. I learned about the Bloody Lovelies through Josh Groban. (His bassist and drummer are in the band) I totally disagree with most of this article. They are all extremely talented and the album shows that. I do agree with the fact that the piano is the strongest part….but that’s part of what makes their music so unique, their use of the instruments. The album is definitely for those with varied music tastes.

  7. I listened to it, dug it and then went out and bought it. I liked it right away and the more time I spend with it the better it gets. i think it’s one of the best CD’s that’s come out in years.

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