The Dirty Switches – The Dirty Switches

The Dirty SwitchesThe Dirty Switches (Longhorn/Cargo)

Straight up garage punk done right. No sheen. No over production. No posturing. No posing. If you want your rock straight up with a side of tits and ass from a bunch of likely lads from the UK, then The Dirty Switches are bound to please. Buzz saw guitar heavy grooves with attitude reminiscent of Radio Birdman, Stooges, Flaming Groovies backed up against the bluesy punk slop ethos of The Saints, The Real Kids, and The Dead Boys.

For the most part, the album pretty much races with short tracks played at frantic paces, with tracks like “Bad Luck Loser,” “Won’t Change,” and “Evil In Me” rising to the top. Though one song, “Cold Hearted Woman,” offers a reprieve from the manic barrage of sonic crunch with its blues infused rock and roll swagger that will lock you in with a sound that seems like the Rolling Stones filtered through the Stooges. Hey, and the cover’s got girls in bikinis wrestling. What more could you ask for?

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