The Get Up Kids – Guilt Show

The Get Up KidsGuilt Show (Vagrant)

We’re going back. Way back…to the year…2002.

Do you remember where you were when The Get Up Kids released On a Wire? Neither do I. I did buy it sometime soon after, however, and enjoyed it; surprised at the signs of maturity that (occasionally) cut through the band’s noted triviality. The Kids actually devoted time to textures and arrangements and attempted, at least, a different side of a band always seen as expendable.

Guilt Show, unfortunately, isn’t about remorse over the band’s pre-Wire material. What’s worse, they erase any progress made with their last album and pander once again to mall-punks everywhere. The Get Up Kids offered acceptance with On a Wire that the short-lived explosion of mall-emo was over and the band were ready to move on with the rest of the music world. Two years later, however, isn’t enough time to dig Saves the Day and the rest of the gang up for a retrospective; and what’s more, who fucking cares that The Get Up Kids “infuse their brand of punk with new-wave progressions and a greater emphasis on the keyboard.” This shit doesn’t work.

Particularly offending are “Is There a Way Out” and “Conversation,” the album’s last two tracks. It’s bad enough that the first 11 tracks are of the hardly-passable pop-punk variety. That the last two are “epic” in nature (and trust me, “epic” is used loosely) is laughable.

The Bush administration may be out of work come November. What’s getting lost in the shuffle is that while Bush blew hot air over the literacy rate and insufficient schooling, Dubya failed to rid the 2004 landscape of such an obvious threat to the intelligence of our nation’s children. Avoid Guilt Show like the plague.

5 thoughts on “The Get Up Kids – Guilt Show”

  1. yeah, i unfortunately purchased this cd. listened to the first song and ejected, never listened to it again.

  2. I know it’s not on this album, but man, when they cover “close to me,” it just makes me squirm with joy. does a cure song still count as emo?

    tom – on an unrelated note, your review inspired me to pick up Broken Social Scene’s “You Forgot It In People” today. I suggest everyone else do the same.

  3. I thought it was fantastic. And I hated On a Wire. Different folks, different strokes. If i wasn’t a musician, I probably wouldn’t have liked it.

    BTW: the first song sucks. ANd you were right on the money with what you said about the last two tracks, they sucked ass.

  4. Their cover of “Close to Me” makes me squirm with joy as well…Have yet to buy the Guilt Show album, but the two tracks that you can listen to from their website seem very good – especially “Wouldn’t Believe It.” However, I can’t speak for the rest of the album….I will see them tonight and so I hope they’ve still “got it” though…

  5. i liked the on a wire album so when this one came out i was like hey sweet. However i was dissapointed when i listened to this cd i mean i have heard worse but i was expecting much better. i guess i just have to wait for jimmy eat world to come out with new music


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