The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The First Rehearsal

Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The First Rehearsal with his yet-to-be-named band.

4 thoughts on “The Letters of Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The First Rehearsal”

  1. There’s no way Benchley and Para are staying an item, not with band practice starting up. Look, she didn’t even like Benchley’s bringing of his guitar into the theatre, and that’s just practice number one! I predict bad things from those cold bathroom trips.


  2. Benchley is great. I feel as though he is describing my situation albeit a few months behind. I had a similiar thing happen to my relationship as I formed my own (crappy cover) band in my spare time. Yes – he and Para are headed for splitsville. He describes in an earlier “episode” that his guitar to her is just an object and nothing more. Do us a favor Gary and 86 the hooch.

  3. You gotta love Benchley. The guy cracks me up. I really loved his comparison of the NY skyline to a song.

    Para will be out soon, no doubt, as her depression will be played into a “you spend more time with your band than me” situation.

    Can’t wait to hear more! Thanks for posting these and letting us know when the new ones come out.

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