Wilco Announces Tracklisting

Wilco mastering at Abbey Road; names album; announces tracklisting.

According to the Wilco’s official newsletter, A Ghost Is Born is planned to be released by Nonesuch in North America on June 8.


At least that’s what you said

Hell is Chrome

Spiders (kidsmoke)

Muzzle of Bees


Handshake drugs

Company in my back

I’m a wheel

Wishful thinking

Late greats


Less than you think

See Wilco World for more details.

You can order the album from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Wilco Announces Tracklisting”

  1. Caveat:I am a casual fan (in Wilco fandom terms) with all their proper releases.

    Will the departure of Jay and now Leroy hurt this new album? I dont recognise any of the titles, but again I am not a hardcore fan.

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