Wilco – Cars Can’t Escape

Wilco – “Cars Can’t Escape” from the YHF sessions. (M4A too.) Via Wilcoworld.

[Updated links thanks to the internet archive wayback machine, 9/1/2017. -ed.]

6 thoughts on “Wilco – Cars Can’t Escape”

  1. I’m pretty sure this is the version they’re listening to in the Cars Can’t Escape montage on disc two of the I Am Trying To Break Your Heart DVD. It’s also very close to the arrangement they played at the Auditorium shows in Chicago. Happy that it’s finally seeing the light of day.

  2. aside from the fact that those two aforementioned versions are completely different, the first has jay bennett and a crappy tape recorder for the end part…it is much closer to the auditorium shows, but still, it sounds a hell of a lot more produced than what they did on stage

  3. Sounds like a pretty simple enough song to play… If anyone has the proper tab please post!

    thanks in advance…

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