10 thoughts on “90 Reasons to Hate the 90s”

  1. ehhh… take your hipster whining about everything that hipsters used to do someplace that might care about it. i have a hint for you: the devil and farmers both carry one of them.

  2. Of course. It’s just dopey ranting of an extremely juvenile manner. But there are at least a few items that are more than a little right on: e.g., 18. Self-Referential Chic.

  3. I like #56:

    “Liberals Who Voted For Nader Because There Was No Difference Between Bush and Gore

    Admit it: you fucked up. Big time. There was a huge difference between Bush and Gore.

    you’re the reason why America is in the shit-hole it’s in today.

  4. I admit it, I was one of ’em. And I fucked up. But I think the people who voted for Bush probably had more to do with it.

    And the #39 Thomas Friedman mention got a big “fuck yes” out of me. Very funny.

  5. I enjoyed reading that. Some of it was hilarious and totally right on.

    The bits on the Martini bars, “e-anything,” and using Netscape to stick it to the man, really cracked me up. Mainly, because I think I said the same thing about 6 years ago, haha.

  6. if theyre pulling the old nader stole the votes bit, then its not well informed since more folks jumped ship from gore to buush tahn from gore to nader

  7. Plus the fact that Gore actually WON the popular election. Now, maybe if you’re a Nader voter in a state where Bush’s margin of victory was larger than the number of votes Nader got, then maybe you’re a bastard, but that’s really the only way to go about it and I suspect there are *very few* states like that anyway. Why not blame people who really deserve it, like the Supreme Court?

    How does the 2000 election make a list about the 90s in the first place?

  8. I voted for Nader in ’00. I make no apologies. I woulda voted for him in ’04, too, if the IL political machine hadn’t kept him off the ballot.

    If I lived in FLA or OH, of course, it would be a different story.

  9. well 2000 is the last year of the official decade of the 1990’s

    but really, the campaign itself was in the 90s

    “How does the 2000 election make a list about the 90s in the first place?”

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